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    Howdy All:
    Just got Traffic Global for X-Plane 12 RC1 (just released) and its GREAT.....................so far.
    However, I would like to have a bigger percentage of GA traffic. In going thru the manual
    I did not see how to change any scales or values. My goal would be:
    Commercial 25%
    General Aviation 75%Aany suggestions would be helpful

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    Thanks, saw it today as well ok their Discord. Any way it underlines that the nav device & autopilot model are interconnected by the Working Title technology that is under limited control by Black Square. Hope they'll have a solution soon (PMS50 + WTT package still working fine on my end).

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    Towards a new suggestion The Piccadilly line in classic way.

    For many reasons that others may look better at 9 lines in some parts, I wanted to make a suggestion about something that seems familiar. And still iconic through many years of service.
    The line has 25 underground stations, of which a further 28 are visible from the outside.
    one of the well-known stations is Piccadilly Circus also as a transfer point to another Tube line, the current Bakerloo Line.



    There is even a closed museum railway from Holborn to Aldwych that was active until 1994 where today an original example of a 1972 tube stock still stands

    zerzeer.jpg tgdfggfdf.jpg
    Literally a time capsule that takes you back

    The piccadilly line
    is 71.0 km long converted into Miles is approximately 44 miles long. it has 53 stations or rather stopping points along the entire route, opened in the year 1906.

    specific type of transport: 1973 Tube stock



    Will soon be replaced by the new Siemens 2024 Tube stock to replace the current one.


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    @celti There are lots of aircraft we would like to develop and we'd be lying if we said we had never considered any of the aircraft you have listed. The difficulty we always face from a commercial perspective is, how popular are these aircraft types are outside of their country of manufacture? For instance, how many people outside of France have ever seen a Mercure in person, or even have ever heard of one? If people aren't aware of the real aircraft's existence, it's not likely to be as successful commercially as a more well-known type.

    Never say never on any of these though, we are always in the market for niche, quirky airliners ;)

    Mark - Just Flight

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