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    @skrysl There is a current Spring sale running on the marketplace and it features the majority of our products, many of which are also in the sale on our website. That list of products was agreed with them a couple of weeks back.

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    These older jets are awesome and would be great in msfs.. I remember being obsessed with this and the Aerosoft Lighting

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    @Genista I have these commands mapped to my Bravo from a long time. Not sure which aircraft I set them up for, but I assume they can work - if configured appropriately on the aircraft. Not on the Dukes though... and I would rather not use external software if I can help it. MSFS is simply missing the 'repeat' command on button assignments, which existing in FSX. That would have been enough.

    If the Duke could be set up to use these commands it would be appreciated! Maybe something for Nick to look into. Though I realise an axis is best so that the levers can run through the full range. Maybe the tablet could offer a solution between an 'axis' reverse and a 'button' reverse, so the user can choose whichever solution is most suitable.

    For the rare occasion I might need it, I'll have to make do with the mouse for now...

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    @Thor_999 said in Buxton/Peak Forest Extension:

    I've just bought the Buxton/Peak Forest extension. When i selected a quickdrive route from Tunstead Quarry to Leicester, there is a problem with the wagons that have been placed in the sidings at Tunstead. They block the tunnel mouth so that you cannot leave the sidings where you start this quickdrive journey.

    Sounds like what I saw and mentioned up thread about the same starting point. I think you can delete the offending wagons via the editor as a workaround.

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    Hello again Just Trains team. Firstly I want to congratulate you for the absolutely outstanding Blackpool Preston Ormskirk route for TSW. You really have set a new standard for content that would be hard to match, let alone beat.
    I would like to suggest some UK locomotive dlc options for existing routes as there are many glaring omissions at this time. Hopefully some of these appeaI to the team for future projects (if locomotive dlc is something JT are interested in). I will attempt to list them by route....

    Class 60
    Class 165/1
    Class 180
    Class 332
    Class 360/2

    Class 22 Baby Warship
    Class 35
    Class 42 and 43 Warship
    Class 117
    Class 121
    Class 123
    Class 128
    Class 256 and 257 Blue Pullman

    Class 171
    Class 377 variants

    Class 25
    Class 123
    Class 124
    Class 128
    Class 141

    Class 56

    Class 70 diesel
    Class 92

    Class 03
    Class 05
    Class 485 and 486

    Class 427 GatEx
    Class 73 GatEx sets
    Class 442 GatEx
    Class 460 GatEx
    Class 403 Brighton Belle
    Class 455/8

    Class 153
    Class 156
    Class 222

    Class 50
    Class 43 HST Valenta
    Class 108
    Class 122

    Class 91 IC225 sets
    Class 55 Deltic

    Scotrail Inter7City sets
    Scotrail Class 156

    Class 27 top/tail sets
    Class 47/DBSO sets
    Class 126

    Class 303
    Class 318
    Class 320

    Class 44/45/46 BR Green
    Class 256 and 257 Blue Pullman sets

    Hopefully these are some interesting types which mostly operated on the routes named at the relevant times but in a few cases are "Legends of" or railtour type suggestions.

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