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    @skrysl There is a current Spring sale running on the marketplace and it features the majority of our products, many of which are also in the sale on our website. That list of products was agreed with them a couple of weeks back.

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    @Derek said in UK Flightsim Show:

    @Paul_K I doubt Tesla or Amazon could afford to run a show at Duxford. Last one we did there cost a fortune and then the price went up by about 5X for the following year - hence the move to Cosford.

    Ah, I see. Thanks for that, Derek - what a pity.

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    Hi, It's difficult for me to maintain a stable KIAS when in cruise. No matter how delicately I set the throttle KIAS never stops; keeps on rising or lowering to dangerous levels. I've tried PMS/TGT with no success. Please note that I'm using a Honeycomb Bravo and a single lever for all 4 throttles.

    The only way I've found to maintain KIAS stable is using IAS in cruise mode, once my CRZ ALT has been reached. But I'm not sure if this is an accepted procedure in the 146 or just a "trick" of the simulator. I would like to stabilize KIAS the way it is done in the real aircraft.

    Thanks in advance,

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    @Thor_999 said in Buxton/Peak Forest Extension:

    I've just bought the Buxton/Peak Forest extension. When i selected a quickdrive route from Tunstead Quarry to Leicester, there is a problem with the wagons that have been placed in the sidings at Tunstead. They block the tunnel mouth so that you cannot leave the sidings where you start this quickdrive journey.

    Sounds like what I saw and mentioned up thread about the same starting point. I think you can delete the offending wagons via the editor as a workaround.

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    I am the creator of the Golden Age of Air Travel 1958 navaids package referenced above.

    I find the topic of having historically correct navaids very much relevant for old aircraft (be it from 50s, 60s... or 90s). So I am happy to see JustFlight is aware 👍

    My 2 cents...

    Data are there but in very different formats (paper charts, lists, tables), not georeferenced and from different time periods. You want to have reliable data covering all navaids from one cut off date. Not easy to find. And then there's gaps in data like missing ranges etc.

    It was a lot of work. A lot. It is not only about having a source but actually it was a challenge to get it into the sim. If you are interested about the workflow, check the thread here:


    Commercial potential
    It is just not there.
    I got a few very positive and heartwarming feedbacks but the package has got only some 160 downloads from fs.to (no updates yet so these are pretty much unique downloads).

    So such a project is clearly a niche within a niche.

    Other considerations
    Navaids is just a part of the full picture. Such a scenery package should also contain period correct enroute planning charts (VFR and IFR), approach charts and for 1960s+ periods also SIDs and STARs in order to be able to replicate the flights in their full glory.

    Many runways are gone as are some airports... etc.

    My take
    I would buy such navaids sceneries in a heartbeat. If I turn it the other way around, I will probably think twice before I get a 1970s or 1980s aircraft because I think without putting them into their historically correct context it makes little sense (to me) to fly them.

    In the end, I made the 1958 navaids scenery because I wanted to fly the DC-6 as it was meant to be flown 😀


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