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    Your best bet would probably be to contact Just Trains support. They should be able to help with this kind of thing. There is a link on their website

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    @gavi40 said in Chiltern Mainline Class 68 MK3 Coaches Missing!:

    I spent hours trying to figure out why one scenario wasn't working properly, there was no mention on their site that some may not work as you need extra downloads from 3rd party websites.

    The scenarios that use other content are all removed from the Steam version. If you download the software from Just Trains and don't have the other software the scenario won't work, so that isn't the reason you had a problem. I think if you'd reinstalled the Steam version it may well have sorted it, but there you go.

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    A few recent screenshots of the Route too...
    RailWorks 2019-02-14 19-00-17-65.jpg

    RailWorks 2019-02-14 19-04-40-48.jpg

    RailWorks 2019-02-14 18-56-39-57.jpg

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    I completely understand. Thank you very much for your response. I will not disturb you anymore and I wish you a happy and healthy 2024

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    So I have all parts of this addon, currently installing the latest nottingham to linclon section which I am most excited about as I have lived in Newark and used the line from Castle Station to Nottingam and to Lincoln many times.

    My biggest gripe however is that I cannot use your 222 meridian stock, because the scenarious using this also have a huge list of addional requirements from other vendors.

    Why can we not have scenarios that just utilise JT Stock (with some default thrown in if necessary?)

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    It is very enjoyable to make scenarios with JustTrains products, but after spending hours putting trains together on the "South western Expressways to Reading" route, I wanted to continue my route in Western Mainlines from the extension of The South Devon Mainline route. I arrived at Exeter and the other day, I set my path in the route from Exeter St. Davids and continue on down to Penzance. Firstly I wanted to add more trains to the route. I checked the SWE to Reading route at Exeter, to check what trains I had selected for the scenario to try and create it in the WML/SDML route so that I can continue my journey. Unfortunate for me, I had entered the World Editor and as we know, it only deals with scenery before clicking on the Train selection icon. I had accidently moved the track on platform 5 at Exeter as I was about to select the train icon. After which the simulator had frozen and I had to shut down my computer. After I re-entered the simulator SDML extended from Western Mainlines had shown a warning that it has run out of memory. Instead, I decided to enter another way via the "build" window and edit. This is where I found the fault. Missing railway track and signal heads from the gantries. I verified game files through Steam and I checked SWE to Reading, to clarify that this wasn't harmed. It was all normal. However, going to check the WML/SDML, the tracks were still missing with the signal heads. I decided to delete all extensions and Western Mainlines from my system. I feel that I have to mention this, as it is problematic, if you are clumsy like me. I haven't reinstalled these routes yet. I really hope that when they are reinstalled, the tracks have returned along with the signal heads. It does concern me when these kind of things happen. I am sure the scenery is locked when in World Editor. Thanks for reading.