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    @skrysl There is a current Spring sale running on the marketplace and it features the majority of our products, many of which are also in the sale on our website. That list of products was agreed with them a couple of weeks back.

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    747-200 or go home!!

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    I've also noticed it is very easy for the AP to (correctly) disconnect if you fly too slowly.

    Engine management and use of flaps takes practice and experimentation on approach.

    Depending on weight etc., I'm having to drop a notch of flaps close to 200 kias,and further flap extensions causes massive drag... as does the airbrake. As such it is very easy to drop below the yellow bug -- which of course I keep forgetting to set by clicking on the placard.

    It's challenging- but good fun - to fly.

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    @Thor_999 said in Buxton/Peak Forest Extension:

    I've just bought the Buxton/Peak Forest extension. When i selected a quickdrive route from Tunstead Quarry to Leicester, there is a problem with the wagons that have been placed in the sidings at Tunstead. They block the tunnel mouth so that you cannot leave the sidings where you start this quickdrive journey.

    Sounds like what I saw and mentioned up thread about the same starting point. I think you can delete the offending wagons via the editor as a workaround.

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    Wrong group...lol. You can turn them on in the EFB settings.

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