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    @cico-pico said in Product Support:

    Gent.mi amici, alcuni anni or sono acquistai il "Class 153 Avanzata" ma, dopo alcuni anni d'uso, recentemente dal mio provider sono stato costretto a cambiare l'indirizzo e-mail da "cico.pico@tin.it a "cico.pico@tim.it
    In seguito, per problemi a Train Simulator 2022, l'ho dovuto reinstallare ed ora non riesco più a scaricare una copia di "Class 153 Avanzata".
    L'addirittura ricomprata, ma per via della maledetta e-mail non ricevo nulla.

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    Apologies, I assumed you were using MSFS as that's the sim we typically see compatibility issues for with the TCA throttle quadrant, so the steps listed will not be relevant to FSX.

    Glad you to hear you got it sorted though. It sounds like it was a similar issues with the default control assignments perhaps causing a conflict, so removing them and reassigning them through FSUIPC fixed it.

    Mark - Just Flight

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    Hey guys, first off I love this plane, even more than PMDG 737 and others, have your PA28 pack and Vulcan as well and love. I know its a complex thing, in an already complex sim that taxes that XSX to it's limits, but I really enjoy a smoother experience than most other planes. Only issue is as title suggests, I searched quick and couldn't find others mentioning it unless I missed but multiple time over months since I bought...I try to do a weather request in FMC, and when I click send, it crashes entire game to XBox home instantly. Tried again today, first since 3 other failed attempts in past, and sure enough after doing EGLC and EDLL into both rows and clicking send...boom, crash.

    Is there any fix incoming or workaround you know of, I know I have EFB with METARS, but I like doing it this way and keeping it in the FMC, if for the realism. Thanks for one of the finest products period, can't wait to try the newer avionic Avro RJ release in future!

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    Your best bet would probably be to contact Just Trains support. They should be able to help with this kind of thing. There is a link on their website www.justtrains.net.


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    Apart from the ac already in development (F100/A300/747-200), I hope one day we can add the 737-200 to the ever growing list of great classics developed by Justflight.

    Not sure what type of cdu this is in the pic, but it would make a great aircraft to be retrofitted with your upcoming UNS1.



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