impossible to take off properly

  • impossible to take off correctly Since the last update it is impossible for me to take off without the plane turning completely on the left I against the effect of helice at the rudder and suddenly the plane turn on the left and it becomes impossible to make it return right without me crash

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  • I am having the same problem. The plane starts down the runway completely under control. Some torque effect happens that is easily handled with the pedals. Then when we are at speed and close to Vr, the plane takes a wild turn to the left. That almost always happened although today it took a wild turn to the right. These turns are not related to anything that I am doing with the steering. It comes out of nowhere and suddenly I need full rudder to correct it. I am learning to get airborne, but swerving from one side of the runway to the other as the steering overreacts dramatically. I am using the Modern flight model and no other plane does this (although the Carenado Mooney is doing something similar, but less severe.) This happens when the plane is going so fast that it is almost can't be stopped before the end of the runway. Most planes get more stable at this point....
    I have the sensitivity set to gradual at first and then a steeper curve.

  • Make sure autopilot is off.
    And that you are using the latest download (v0.3.0).

  • I'm experiencing the same problem.

  • Are you using "Modern" or "Legacy" flight characteristics? You can find the option in the realism/difficulty settings on MSFS. The setting must be "Modern" for the JF PA28R to work as expected.

  • hello I have exactly the same problem as described by " Quijote " with other planes it goes well I am on the " modern " flight features

  • Have you set the controls to linear?

    Pitch, Roll and Yaw axes:

    Sensitivity - 0%
    Sensitivity + 0%
    Dead Zone 1%
    Neutral 0%
    Extremity Dead Zone 0%
    Reactivity 100%

    Save that as a profile and select it when you fly the Arrow - see if it makes a difference.

  • Every other plane has this problem, but PA28R has it exaggerated.

    (yes, it's Modern, no AP and so on...)

  • @Derek said in impossible to take off properly:


    This is not the problem, however the arrow flight model is tuned the MSFD weathervane effect on the tail is dramatically more severe than other aircraft in the sim both default and 3rd party, in a stiff crosswind you frequently cannot even keep it on the runway with full rudder input. Please assure us this defect is in-work, I think anyone at JF flying the arrow for testing in a solid crosswind during takeoff roll cannot deny what is going on.

  • @sluflyer06 What kind of "stiff" crosswind are we talking about here? According to the interwebs, it seems that the Piper should not expected to take off safely in more than 17 knots crosswind.
    Not saying it's not twitchy, I'd love for it to be easier to keep in the middle!

  • Something there is different with C152, with it I have no problems, does it wind or not. But with this I'll always lose plane control on takeoff / landing.

  • I was just trying take offs and landings in a 20 knot cross wind in the Arrow III. You need to use timely and appropriate rudder input and proper aileron deflection, but its not that far off from real life and doable. (Skip to 4:50 for an explanation of what I'm talking about regarding the use of ailerons in a cross wind takeoff. Video here.

    I do find the rapid changes in direction of the aircraft from the weathervane effect as it approaches flying speed to be excessive. I have not done this in a stock MSFS aircraft, but I suspect its a sim issue and not a JF Arrow III issue. In reality, mishandling a crosswind takeoff tends to result at fist in a slow departure from the centerline that gets worse as you accelerate and approach flying speed. You need to make corrections early and with authority otherwise things will get out of hand quickly. Proper use of ailerons substantially reduces the amount of rudder needed for a crosswind takeoff or the rollout after a crosswind landing. I think the model underestimates the effectiveness of aileron in this case.

  • I have the exact same issue. The yaw is overly sensitive and almost impossible to control the plane when landing or taking off. It will sway wildly between left and right (not in a normal way, it works fine for other aircraft in msfs). I have flight model on "modern".

  • Same issue here, it just want to roll left slightly the entire time in the air, my flight system is set to modern too 😕

  • @Nismo8787 wrong thread..

  • We are seeing the same rudder kick during mild crosswinds. Modern flight model selected as well, don't have the problem in any other aircraft.

  • @pdd set up a seperate controls profile for the arrow and adjust your sensitivity curves. I find the arrow to be much better than defaults asobo aircraft but the curves are different.

  • Just got the Arrow 3 last week and love it but I too am having this problem with realism setting to Modern. Landing is also difficult and the aircraft seems to porpoise a bit while on short final. Tried adjusting my controller sensitivity settings to no avail. I am a PPL SEL and have about 10 hours in a PA-28140B which is my closest real world experience but the 140B sure doesn't act like that!

  • Hello I thought that agvec the last update the problem would be corrected ( or in part) but it is not the case and when cutting is very difficult to hold the axis of the track In these conditions I do not believe that I would buy the turbo IV