Traffic Global Aircraft Fleet Update

  • @Rich
    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the update.
    I have had a quick peek at the relevant models and most issues seem to be fixed, aside from the following:-
    The B748F now appears to have the inner bogies in landing configuration.
    The ATR 42 nosewheel is still half buried (I tried this at several default airports with the same result, but maybe it's just me...)
    The B733s are now visible in FSX! (although JFAI_737_300_w_Boliviana still appears black)
    TG B733 mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    TG B733w Bolivana mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    TG B748F mdl update hotfix 01APR20.jpg
    TG ATR42 mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    [default FSX dx9]

  • JF Staff

    Thanks Capt,
    I hadn't done anything with the 748F, so I'll sort that now. Apologies for missing that one.
    I'd tested the ATR in P3D only, so I'll give it a go in FSX in case anything is showing up there.
    I'll take a look at the Boliviana livery as well.

  • @Rich
    Hi Rich
    Downloaded and ran the hotfix posted, went to run TG and recompile and received the:
    "This version has expired. Please download the latest version from your account"
    Currently running TG v1.1.1.2
    Don't know if this is in any way related to the hotfix.

  • @vortexwake
    today, when I started Traffic Global, I got the same information: Please download the latest version from your account.
    After reinstalling Global Traffic this information appears again. I don't think this is related to the hotfix.

  • JF Staff

    Unfortunately in the chaos of the last couple of weeks, it slipped my mind that the hardcoded expiry date I added at the start of the project was approaching. We are uploading a new version at the moment, but in the meantime I've PM'd you a link to some updated files.
    The full download should be updated in a couple of hours.

  • @Rich
    No problem Rich, and thanks, just received the PM'd link.
    Just so I'm clear, an updated version of TG is currently being being uploaded, and will be available to download from our JF account a few hours from now?
    I can just wait until the upload is complete if that's the case, not sure that I want to start overwriting files and possibly creating any problems. But thanks again for PM'ing the link to the files.

  • JF Staff

    Correct. Simplest method would just be to redownload the whole thing from your account in a couple of hours.
    I'll post back here when it's ready.

  • @Rich
    Check that
    Thanks Rich

  • JF Staff

    @vortexwake You can go ahead and download now.

    Thanks a lot.

  • The new TG download today showing version the same as the November version.