Traffic Global Aircraft Fleet Update

  • JF Staff

    Hi all,
    An update to the Traffic Global fleet has been posted in the Early Access forum:

  • @Rich
    Thanks for that Rich! 👍

  • Just downloaded and installed as per instructions and, to be honest, initially at least I can't see any improvement. (New paints are nice though).

    The prop disks are certainly fixed, although the Dash8-400 seems a bit odd as the props appear to be permanently at idle (blades visible) and at times reverse direction.

    Inner rear bogies on the 747s are still stuck in landing configuration and all bogies aside from the nosewheel float some way off the ground. The inner bogies on the B748 are still stowed when on the ground with the landing leg protruding from the fuselage above where the wing joins.

    I see no evidence of steering either and the ATR42's nosewheel is half buried.

    I've taken pics but too many to post here.

    Is it just me that's seeing all of this? [Strictly default FSX with just TG traffic tested @ default KORD and other strictly default airports]

    Maybe my download picked up a virus....

    EDIT: All B733s are invisible in FSX dx9 (just show running lights when not parked up)

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Agree with QC
    The blacked out prop discs on the C152/GAA5 have been corrected, but the Dash8-400 props do seem to appear to be almost at idle.
    The rear lg bogies on the B747 still seem to be in landing config, and the B748 inner bogies still appear to be in the stowed position when taxing.
    Also not seeing any indication of nose wheel steering on multiple models.

  • @vortexwake
    Glad it's not just me then!
    I am curious about my 'invisible' B733's though. I'm fairly certain that this was raised on the EA forum in the past and a fix was issued.
    If anyone using FSX could check me on this one, please, by going to say KLAS or EGNX, right clicking on the screen to view any AI aircraft and then scrolling through them by pressing A until you come across one that seems to be invisible, that'll be a B737-300.
    I've tried this by creating a flightplan to park all the B733s up in a desert airfield and I can occasionally catch a glimpse of them all until I switch views and they then disappear.
    Same thing happens if I delete the 'x' from panel=x in the aircraft.cfg to make the B733 flyable and select it from the menu.
    Just curious to know if any other 32bit users have the same issue or if P3Dv4 users can actually see the planes as I had the exact same phenomena when converting 64bit AIG models to FSX.

  • @Capt-Quirk
    I seem to also recall that the blacked out B733's was an issue that was raised in the EA Forum as well, but thought that had been corrected in an update. I could be wrong about that, closing in on two years now, it's hard to keep track of what has and hasn't been corrected. But it does seem like something that seems familiar.

  • @Capt-Quirk
    The update link that Rich posted yesterday also seems to have inserted a Saab SF S340 into the FSXSE Select Aircraft screen. I remember a previous TG update inserting almost the entire TG fleet into the Select Aircraft screen, so this isn't quite as bad, but it looks like something still managed to slip through to where is shouldn't be.


  • @vortexwake
    Yep, it's the first one in the aircraft.cfg, just the 'x' missed from the panel= entry
    ui_typerole=Traffic Global AI
    ui_createdby=Just Flight

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Got it....thanks, have inserted the missing 'x' into the S340 aircraft.cfg folder.
    Am just going to look back at the C152/GAA5 blacked out prop discs....I'm sure that were fine when I looked at them yesterday. Could have just been an illusion. 😂

  • @vortexwake
    To be certain, I have just done a complete uninstall/reinstall of v1.1.1.2 plus the mdl update and I still get black props because the fallback texture folder is missing.
    I also have found default Beavers back in the air, but I would guess this is a bit achedemic if the GA is to be upgraded.
    Worse is that all but one of the B733s are invisible in FSX (aside from the sole B733w livery for Boliviana which is a satisfying colour of badly burnt toast..i.e: completely black).
    If you get a chance, check out the An-225...😀
    [I have a dedicated folder of all the testing I've done on TG since first release which I've only just noticed is > 15Gb, so my tired old brain is now completely fried thanks to JF!🙃 ]

  • @Capt-Quirk
    I'll have to track down the AN225 to take a look at it....pretty sure it's not going to be seen flying around on any kind of regular sched.
    15GB of TG testing....that's a lot. I have to give you credit, I normally just look in now and then to see where it's at.

  • 74F Still a problem.
    Atlas Air the only one that works in P3Dv4.5, I have tons of Cargo parking at LTFM and use it for testing, some wing spans are still not correct and have edited them.
    Regards Ray Fry.

    • C152 GAA-5 black windows and prop discs

    • Default Beaver floatplane in TG_GA

    • B733 model invisible in FSX [B733w sole repaint Boliviana: model visible but texture black]

    • B747 centre gear in landing config when on ground [B748i centre gear completely stowed with upper leg protruding through wing]

    • An225 model incomplete

    • Dash8-400 prop textures visible at idle within disc when at full throttle

    • ATR42 nosewheel contact point

    • No nosewheel steering

    [Default FSX : TG v1.1.1.2 reinstalled from scratch and model update applied]

  • @vortexwake
    I'm afraid the vast majority of folk are unlikely to actually see the An-225 at all as both flightplans are chucked out during the compilation of TrafficGlobal_myFlights.bgl, even with the modified AFCADs provided with the installation of TG.
    An-225 in TrafficGlobal_myFlights.bgl.jpg
    Why you probably won't see the An-225.jpg
    [Default FSX : TG v1.1.1.2 with model update]
    During the past months, I've created a mass of flightplans for testing purposes and that's what I'm using (obviously) in order to see it in sim.
    Since there is only one flying example in real life and the TG model is untextured, I can't quite figure out why it was included in the first place, though it is (or at least, was before this update), a very nice model to use in your own flightplans. As is the sole Airbus Beluga livery which, since no flightplans are provided for that either, I would imagine most users don't even realise is in there. Nor would they catch sight of the A306 BA livery (whose reg G-EUPX in real life belongs to an A319) which is included for some bizzare reason.🤔

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Not being able to see the AN225 because it gets booted out of the regular compiler process even after modified AFCADS being added to TG makes sense. Have to assume that it would be the same situation for the Beluga.
    The building that the AN225 seemed to be embedded into in the screen shot that you posted would probably make flying somewhat problematic anyways.

  • @vortexwake
    Yeah, it is rather 😁 unusual to attempt formation flying with your garden shed...

  • JF Staff

    Hi all,
    We've addressed the model issues listed in this thread. Please install this hotfix and let me know if any other problems remain.
    One exception - the nosewheel for the ATR 42 looked fine for me. Are others also noticing this one?

    Thanks all

  • @Rich
    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the update.
    I have had a quick peek at the relevant models and most issues seem to be fixed, aside from the following:-
    The B748F now appears to have the inner bogies in landing configuration.
    The ATR 42 nosewheel is still half buried (I tried this at several default airports with the same result, but maybe it's just me...)
    The B733s are now visible in FSX! (although JFAI_737_300_w_Boliviana still appears black)
    TG B733 mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    TG B733w Bolivana mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    TG B748F mdl update hotfix 01APR20.jpg
    TG ATR42 mdl update fix 01APR20.jpg
    [default FSX dx9]

  • JF Staff

    Thanks Capt,
    I hadn't done anything with the 748F, so I'll sort that now. Apologies for missing that one.
    I'd tested the ATR in P3D only, so I'll give it a go in FSX in case anything is showing up there.
    I'll take a look at the Boliviana livery as well.

  • @Rich
    Hi Rich
    Downloaded and ran the hotfix posted, went to run TG and recompile and received the:
    "This version has expired. Please download the latest version from your account"
    Currently running TG v1.1.1.2
    Don't know if this is in any way related to the hotfix.