TG EA : how good it is after 2 years ..

  • Q : Does TG work correctly now ?

    Quote from a topic at Avsim :

    “Depends what you mean by working correctly. If you mean does it put traffic at airports globally, then yes, it does do that, just not very convincingly. It's still an early access product, so there is no guarantee that it will work anything near perfectly, which is the deal one agrees to when buying an early access product. Having said that, when I look at my Just Flight account and see when I bought Traffic Global, it tells me that my purchase date was 31/05/2018, this means it's only got about three months to go, and it'll have been in 'early access' for two years.

    Now call me picky if you like, because they never actually stated a release date, but having something in early access for nearly two years is, quite frankly, taking the p***. I could perhaps forgive this a bit more if it had shown a ton of increasingly more impressive improvements over that period of time, or been sold at a rock bottom bargain basement price to offset its somewhat underwhelming features, but it was £27.99 for the early access version instead of its (alleged, since it's not been released as a finished product) regular price of £34.99. So you got seven quid off the price of it, which is undeniably a discount, but given that it's fallen well short of delivering on the big promises it was supposed to fulfill, and taken the best part of two years to even manage that dubious accolade, that doesn't seem like a great discount to me.

    But all this complaining aside, it does put traffic at airports, globally, and that traffic is not the default FS aeroplanes with their fictitious liveries. So it kind of works. But it's a long way from being a close “

    End of quote ..

  • JF Staff

    " it's fallen well short of delivering on the big promises it was supposed to fulfil"
    " it's a long way from being a close “

    I do wish he'd elaborate on these points. Also, you have truncated his quote. My reply in Avsim, for what it's worth:

    "it's fallen well short of delivering on the big promises it was supposed to fulfil"

    What is it not doing that you think it should do?

    "it's a long way from being a close facsimile of what you really see at those airports. "
    It uses a real-world database, real aircraft and real liveries. It is never going to be possible to create a program that mirrors FlightRadar24, globally, in a sim. All you can do is provide a compromise that adheres as closely as possible to the real-world situation, within the limitations of the host.

    TG is due one more major update that will update the database and add some new aircraft, but, in terms of what it's supposed to do - adding AI traffic to FSX and P3D - it already fulfils that function.