Required Trim for landing?

  • It's been my experience so far with the Turbo Arrows (that I LOOOOVE) that I have to have a butt-load of nose up trim dialed in to have enough elevator authority to flare correctly. Not enough results in a nose down touchdown/bounce/occasional crash, almost enough results in a pancake 3 wheeled landing, it's only with a TON of nose up trim that I can get a decent flare and land on my mains.

    Now, keep in mind I'm a RL pilot, and while I was always more of a Cessna guy, I do have some time in Arrows, and I sure don't remember this kind of behavior.

    Am I doing something wrong? Just nuts? (Wait, don't answer that last one... 😉 ) Or is this pretty normal for this b1rd?


  • Just crashed yesterday since I couldn’t pull my yoke out further. Seems my trim setting was fine until it wasn’t, just before the runway and flaring.

  • @Moridin So it's not just me. I'm going to try to file a support request, but I'm not sure how to. If you (or anyone else reading this) wants to do so yourself, please do. The more the merrier as it'll get more attention.

    Thanks for your reply!

  • Out of interest, are you using the IV when you get this?

  • @Delta558 III Turbo

  • Okay, I'd expect that behaviour with the IV because of the smaller horizontal tail and the fact that it is out of the propwash - that variant was known for the need to fly the nosewheel onto the runway before the pitch control was lost.

    I've just flown a quick approach below recommended approach speeds (I flew the approach at 70kts, full flap and reduced to 60 over the threshold), trim bug was just aft of the white marker, so not at all excessive. Flare was normal (a little over half back stick) and once on the ground I was able to raise and lower the nose continually down to just under 40kts.

    Are you using the suggested linear curves for the controllers (as the aircraft was developed with)?

  • @Delta558 Where can we find the suggested linear curves for the controllers ? Thanks !

  • ![alt text](Control Sensitivities.JPG image url)