Missing/bad checks in built-in checklist

  • It seems that some checks are not listed in the built-in MSFS checklist and is in discordance with tutorial of the "PA-28R Turbo Arrow III-IV MSFS manual.pdf" document :


    • Battery voltage check
    • Baggage door closed should be in Pre Fligth - Exterior

    ENGINE START (both Warm and Cold)

    • Throttle should be 1/4 Travel (not Half Travel)
    • Alternator should be swith on after engine start (not before)
    • Mixture value is not set (empty) for Cold Engine, should be set to Full Rich
    • if Primer is used, then after engine start Fuel pump is not set to LO (add Fuel Pump to Lo after Engine start)
    • missing Fuel selector switch to check that the engine
      operates correctly on both tanks


    • Raising landing gear should be in the CLIMB checklist with a Raise value


    • it is written that parking brake should be released but it is not written as set in the CLIMB checklist


    • engine cut-off test is not listed (magnetos to OFF then BOTH and check engine stop before it restarts)

    In addition, my game is in french and the checklist is mixed with french and english 😕

  • JF Staff

    Thanks, your support ticket was received and this is being investigated.

    We don't provide translations for the checklists so I expect that only the checklist items that use default MSFS code are getting translated.