noob questions

  • Hello, as I read the tutorial given by JF, 2 questions comes to me :

    • page 20 : what the Friction control lever is for ?

    • page 69 : it is written : "Bring the throttle lever back to IDLE and then bring the mixture lever back to IDLE CUT-OFF to shut down the engine (remember to disengage the mixture lock!)."
      --> what is the mixture lock ?

    Thanks for your lights

  • JF Staff

    @Biokerozen The answers to these can be found in the manual included with the aircraft

  • @Biokerozen the friction control lever makes the TPM levers easier/harder to actuate. This doesn't do anything in the sim obviously.

    The mixture lock is a little clip on the left side of the mixture lever. It prevents the mixture lever from being brought below 40%. if you move your mouse around the base of the mixture lever you'll see the normal cursor change to a slightly different cursor indicating something can be clicked. That will set/release the mixture lock

  • @Craig partially sir, already check and nothing found about the friction control 😉

    @vcapra1 Thanks a lot, I finally saw the short explanation in the manual included with the aircraft 👍