Arrow GTN 750

  • All was fine until I saw the GTN 750 had to be a freeware download?

    Now you guys make the GTN 750 a PART of the sim and I'll buy it.

    Why do I have to hunt around with freeware stuff to get this to A2A standards?


  • @charlie130 The GTN 750 is a mod built by someone else. Just Flight (likely) can't include it in their product for licensing reasons. And they spend so much time developing three beautiful planes, they don't have time to make their own GTN 750.

    Hunting around for freeware stuff may be a bit of an inconvenience but at least it's free. And it only takes a few minutes to install/update. Though maybe someday both the Arrow and PMS50 mods will be in the marketplace.

  • I don't think that "you have to" since the plane works super well without GTN750 installed.
    It's just an option, not a dependency.

  • @yungilike said in Arrow GTN 750:

    It's just an option, not a dependency.

    Also note that GTN750 will only remain free in the "Basic" version but the full "Premium" version will cost a yearly or lifetime fee (pricing is already published on their website).

  • @charlie130 said in Arrow GTN 750:

    A2A standards

    While I believe that the Arrow is still quite some way from achieving many "A2A standards", it does meet them when it comes to the GTN. A2A aircraft offer exactly the same functionality as the Arrow: if you own a 3rd-party GTN750 add-on, you can select it as an alternative to the default radio stack.

    My personal recommendation: the Arrow is as far as I'm aware the best plane to spend your time with while you're waiting for the Comanche to be released.