Importing Aircraft

  • Good evening

    I would like to know how to import an AI aircraft. The manual is very vague about that

    I use the FSX boxed edition


  • @Hageneezz

    I have been asking this question for over 2 years and nobody from Just Flight will provide guidance.

    I suspect that its not possible to import aircraft models from 3rd party sources, but It might be possible to import new liveries for existing Traffic Global models assuming that members of the flight sim community want to create them. I think this feature is available for the X plane version. P3D users are rather hoping that Just Flight will add this feature and guidance for our benefit, but nothing has been announced yet.

    We live in hope!!!!

  • JF Staff


    Looking into it now. The manual may need updating. If it does, we'll release an updated document.

  • Hello Derek,

    How are the team getting on with issuing guidance on how we can add new liveries to existing TG AI models?