Greaser Landing Possible?

  • Has anyone managed to land a 'Greaser' yet?
    It seems not matter now hard i try i bounce the plane once on landing. Im keeping to the 75 knots approach speed with full flaps. When a few feet parallel with the runway slowly pulling back the throttle holding the nose just above the end of the runway. Keep the nose steady, slowly increasing back pressure on the yoke until the planes drops onto the runway. But always landing with a one bounce on to the main 2 wheels.🤔

  • @captain744 I can land without a bounce, but my yoke has over 6" of pitch travel so I have quite abit more control than most.

  • Im using the Honeycomb yoke. Im guessing you have the Yoko Yoke?
    I might try -10 sensitivity see if it makes any difference.

  • I've landed without bounce several times but also get to bounce from time to time... I'm not talking about the real deal, but on this particular plane and this sim, I think 75 knots on final to be a little too fast, I prefer to aim for a touch down of 65 knots (with full flaps)... also, pulling the throttle back too early or too rapid can make your V-speed to increase in final, so I recommend to maintain a certain amount of thrust until almost touchdown if you are already in a steady, slow descent rate.

    There is also the flare, with GA aircraft we shouldn't attempt to do a B737 like flare, it should be more of a slight correction to prepare and soften the touch down... excessive flare normally also results in bounce landing and can trigger stall warning sound on final touch down, which will precipitate the aircraft to the ground with more force, making it to bounce...

    Hope it helps.

  • I think every landing has had a small bounce so far for me at least. I've put this down to slightly over enthusiastic ground effect which just seems a little too strong in my experience. Just in that moment of touchdown the aircraft feels like it doesn't have as much weight to it as it should.

  • Since I have never flown the real Arrow III I cannot make a comparison, but compared to other aircraft in the sim the landing gear seems a bit too stiff to me... It doesn't want to absorb even the slightest amount of vertical speed at touchdown. Perhaps some adjustments to the landing gear parameters would help?

  • @RaulKO said in Greaser Landing Possible?:

    ... so I recommend to maintain a certain amount of thrust until almost touchdown if you are already in a steady, slow descent rate.

    That's what works best for me - if I get it right, that is 😉 . If you get it right there's a little squeak (on tarmac/asphalt). For some reason I seem to be less likely to bounce on grass.

    EDIT: Using the YOKO+ yoke.

  • @captain744 said in Greaser Landing Possible?:

    Im using the Honeycomb yoke. Im guessing you have the Yoko Yoke?
    I might try -10 sensitivity see if it makes any difference.

    I have an Alpha on the shelf but using the Brunner cls-e mk2 as primary yoke.

  • @RaulKO Thanks for your help and pointers. Will practice some more with those tips in mind. 🙂

  • You're absolutely right about these landings. Of all the planes I have in the sim, the PA28 is by far the most difficult to land (for a smooth landing). Even the spitfire is easier for me to land! No matter how gently I place those wheels on the runway, it bounces at least once. I spent a few hours just landing, over and over again, but I bounce pretty much every single time. The plane needs adjustment.

  • @goalski I had a sneaking suspicion about this. We shall see what any future updates bring 🙂 Although grass landings are much smoother, my landing was soo smooth I though I was still floating from the low wing effect. With an almost head wind of about 15-20 knots!

  • This was not mentioned once during testing. The figures for the suspension compression are accurate and you can see the gear movement from outside.

    I've just spent half an hour at various flap configurations / descent rates / airspeeds, watching from outside and hardly getting a bounce unless I really slam it down fast, all on a concrete runway. There is sometimes a slight shimmy or lurch sideways, but that appears to be the sim's transition from airborne physics to ground physics (a problem since much earlier versions of flight simulator!)

  • No problems here, in fact I had a real butter one today to the extent I wasn't even sure if I had landed at all. It's certainly possible if you touch down smoothly.

  • @Kengou Yep finally cracked it. Was pulling back the power too soon. Requires some power after levelling off until touchdown (As mentioned by RaulKo). Finally! No bounce.

  • @Delta558 Apricated you testing to confirm. Thanks.

  • Here are some new recommended settings for the landing gear that should improve the landing performance...

  • @RaulKO said in Greaser Landing Possible?:

    with GA aircraft we shouldn't attempt to do a B737 like flare

    Slightly besides the point, but you shouldn't be doing the kind of flare you're thinking of (747 style) with a 737 either 🙂 The 737NGs are pretty slippery planes, so usually you want to fly them onto the runway rather than flaring.

  • I've had some real nice greasers and some not so nice 'firm' touchdowns, had a silky landing into Leesburg last night, it was beautiful! But not always so.

    My priority is always getting it down in the touchdown zone, preferably on the 1000ft markers. A nice smooth landing is no good if you had to float for 500ft with a trickle of power on to get there.

  • Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I'm still having trouble with this. I've tried with several different power settings on touchdown, many many many times and only pulled off a no-bounce landing like twice.

    Then I decided to watch youtube videos to see how other, more experienced people were getting good landings. And I couldn't find one. Can someone link a video of a no-bounce landing, or perhaps upload one of their own?

  • Assuming you are not flying at max gross weight, try reducing your final approach speed from 75 knots to 70 knots (with full flaps). After crossing the threshold, at about 10 ft. AGL, gently apply back pressure to level off and then smoothly reduce the throttle to idle, then raise the nose and hold it just below the far end of the runway as you slow down and gently settle onto the runway. Continue to hold the nosewheel up as you slow down during the rollout, then gently allow the nosewheel to come down to the runway...