Multiple repaint Tail number issue

  • Hopefully someone can help, as I'm ready to pull out what little hair I have. I've made over a dozen repaints with painted on tail numbers and will be making many more. The issue, though, is that I would like to take those repaints and remove the tail numbers so the sim will put the registration on. I know that I can use the "Custom" folder for that, but that's only 1 repaint then. If I try and copy the "Custom" folder, with my repaint in it, even inside the main folder, then add the parts to aircraft.cfg and layout.json, I see the plane in the sim but no tail number. I'm obviously missing something, but I can't figure out what it is.
    I've also tried to copy steps that I have seen others take with other repaints where you can add your own tail number in the sim, but they don't seem to work with the Arrow.

    Please Help!
    Regards, and thanks.

  • I've only done THREE paints so far, for my buddies. I used the "Template" folder set from for the file structure, but in your case I would imagine copying the "Custom" folder structure might work. Put the copy somewhere safe, to compare the json files and Aircraft.cfg files. I suspect there is something you should be changing but are not.

    It's probable the json file needs to be edited with the "new" folder structure for the "Folder" names you are using in your new paint. I'm not sure because I haven't used the Custom Paint as a template, I use the one from, as I said. My paints have the Original folder name for the Lead folder, but I substituted the word "Template" for my "Paint name" (whatever that might be eg. "justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii_G-XTC6") Where I substituted "Template" for "G-XTC6" I did this for the Head folder, The folder inside Airplanes, and Texture folder.
    I then edited the json file and again replaced the word "Template" with "G-XTC6" This enabled me to drop the whole lot into the community folder as a new repaint.

    I did edit the Aircraft.cfg file to put the texture folder name in there so it pointed to the right texture folder.

    Maybe, and I only say maybe, there is something "different" between a paint WITH a registration, and one with a "BLANK" registration, in that Aircraft.cfg file. I haven't checked. I suspect there is as you can choose your own reg in the Custom paint.

    Maybe this will help you with a starting point to look at?

  • Hey Tigerclaw,
    Are you able to put whatever tail number you want on your repaints from within the sim? You can find my repaints on, or may have seen them? I've copied them all, removed the tail number from the textures, edited the aircraft.cfg and layout.json to reflect the new file names... but something is keeping me from adding in sim tail numbers. If I do, in the sim, use a tail number, I see it on the data plate in the cockpit, but not on the outside.

  • I haven’t tried this on my own personal paints. The Reg numbers are “baked” into the paints. I never touched the “Data Plate” in the paint kit, I left that alone.

    I could have a look later, just turn off the Reg layers before I export, and leave that area blank. I don’t think that is gonna work with the template I’m using though. I’ll also look into the default custom paint, and see what I have to do (if I can) to make the ATC induced Reg numbers show in Sim.
    I won’t get chance until this afternoon, but I’ll have a look.

  • That would be great. Everything I've tried has failed, and I'm pulling my hair out. It's not a necessity thing, just that I would like to release my repaints with the option for everyone to use their own tail numbers rather than only the ones I paint on.

  • Also, I'm not sure where the Reg layer is. The only one I see is for the "Reg Plate" which should be the one in the cockpit... but, regardless of how I change the tail number on there, it still shows the tail number I enter in the sim, in the cockpit. IE: My repaint has the tail number N2911P on the side. I paint the reg plate as N2911P. In the sim, I put N200AC as my tail number. In the cockpit, it shows N200AC. I've also tried just using the Template plane without touching anything. Just leaving it default. In the cockpit shows N200AC. The fuselage is blank. No tail number.

  • Well I'm having the same luck you are right now. The Custom paint does show my ATC reg number in the sim no problem.

    The "Reg Plate" in the paint kit doesn't really matter, I just left mine alone as It shows the ATC reg number you input in the sim. I think it only matters if you leave the reg number blank in the sim, then it will show whatever is in the paint. So If you are "baking" G-XTC6 on the fuselage and wing, but don't change the "reg plate" in the paint aswell, it will show the original number in the cockpit.

    As I don't publish my paints, this wasn't important to me, as we all our own registrations for the ATC in the sim.

    As for the "Reg layer" you ADD a layer, for your own reg numbers, in the preferred paint program you use. Just as you do for any other item you want to add. Using layers for the reg, or anything else, makes it easier to move around, scale etc. I suppose different people use different methods.

    I've looked through the other texture files, and I can't find anything that specifically "allows" the custom paint to use "your" reg, and not a baked-in one. That information is going to have to come from Just Flight themselves. Sorry, I tried. ☹

  • JF Staff

    Can you confirm what happens if you include the word 'Custom' in the aircraft title for your repaint(s) in the aircraft.cfg? e.g.

    title = "Just Flight PA28 Arrow III Custom Repaint" ; Variation name

  • I'll look into this. Right now.

    Wow, YES that's it. I just inserted the word "Custom" in the Title as you said.
    title = "Just Flight PA28 Arrow III Custom_G-XTC6" ; Variation name

    And it added the ATC reg number I put in the ATC portion of the aircraft customization screen.

    Granted, I still have my "baked-in" number visible, but I changed my ATC number to "G-XXXX", and it shows up on the Fuselage and under the wing as it normally would.
    So If I did a paint without any reg on the fuselage and under the wing, the Player reg will show up on any paint with the "Paint" Aircraft.cfg edited accordingly. Thanks for the heads-up @Martyn . I'm sure @JMAviation will be very pleased.

  • That works. Geez soo simple, but that actually works. Now I need to figure out how to adjust the tail number color and font... and positions to match the painted ones so it looks good. I'll double check with a few others just to make sure.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    The decal registration system in MSFS is currently a bit clunky when used alongside liveries which include 'baked in' registrations (which look much better IMO). Hopefully that's something that can be improved.

  • @Tigerclaw Very pleased indeed, especially since I tested it with a texture file not in the original folder, and it works. So, now I can edit all of my repaints (15 now) and make them available.

  • JF Staff

    @JMAviation said in Multiple repaint Tail number issue:

    @Tigerclaw Very pleased indeed, especially since I tested it with a texture file not in the original folder, and it works. So, now I can edit all of my repaints (15 now) and make them available.

    It'd be great to start a pinned thread that includes any repaints if you can start a new thread for those.

  • Sure, once I get them all setup. I have the repaints on with painted on tail numbers, but don't mind sharing here.

  • Well I've done a pretty good rendition of G-BLFI which my friend did his flying lessons in. The wing stripes were a complete PITA though, very hard to line up. I spent about 6 hours moving and rotating them by 0.010 degrees 😢 Going in the sim, using the drone cam to get right up close to make them pixel perfect.

    Don't know I wanna do THAT again 😅

  • @Tigerclaw 🤣 yeah, it's been a long road making these custom repaints over the last week... and I still have a bunch on my list to do.

  • @Martyn Thanks for your help. I'm working on positioning the tail numbers to the correct position which is a lot of trial and error as each plane has it in a slightly different position. One thing I can't seem to figure out now, though, is setting the color and font per plane. Some Arrows have white over the color, some have a specific color.
    Now, If I keep the "panel" file in the main JF folder, I get the tail number on the plane; I can change the color (but it changes for all of the planes); and I've tried changing the font, but that hasn't worked yet. I'm still adjusting things. One question, is that if I copy the "panel" file, rename it to panel.main, add "main" to the aircraft.cfg under panel (I lose the tail number at this point), can I somehow copy that cfg to my repaint to make custom changes per repaint? The panel.cfg is where the tail number information is in terms of font, color, position. I don't want to adjust any main files, hence copying and pasting to my file instead so I can adjust things as a test. I honestly don't care about the font, though it would be more realistic to have the AmarilloUSAF font in there, but haven't had any success yet... it's the color for each plane that would make sense. Any ideas where I'm going wrong with the panel file?

  • JF Staff

    You should be able to duplicate the existing panel folder (containing both the panel.cfg and WASM gauge), rename it to something like 'panel.Font1' and then point to that in the livery entry in the aircraft.cfg:



    title = "Just Flight PA28 Arrow III Custom" ; Variation name
    model = "" ; model folder
    panel = "Font1" ; panel folder
    sound = "" ; sound folder

  • I'll test it again, but I haven't had any success. I've added it to the layout.json also, but then the tail number stops showing. I have a few others tests to do on it, but will let you know.

  • @JMAviation Did you get your repaints working with user assigned regs? All the ones on seem to have baked on regs.