SOUND is great but should /could be performed for MUCH MORE VR Inmersion !

  • The sound is great , better than the most but specially aknowledging that "Sound" is almost as important for Inmersiion, specially in VR there is something that could easily done to give a much more deeper and more dynamic Sound and reality experience.
    That is specially the "WIND" that should/could be seperated from the Engine ( it is separated as "outside" in settings , but is still in the Engine sound too ??)
    Also , but not such a big issue is ;
    it really doesnt increase much getting more speed , only a little almost not hearable.
    However also moving around with your head doesnt change sound very much or apropiate something that other like IL2 Sturmovik does like no other and gives such a big increase of Inmersion ( Sound is too often much to underastimated..)

    Sorry for saying this , but an example or "benchmark " of SOUND is that really what IL2 STURMOVIK is able to do . How it changes , when you move your head , the windspeed , the engine getting to limit and so on.
    I wish that such a great product , this Piper Arrow ,for me a benchmark for future aircraft in general , absolutly great and done with love an even more than this 38 Eu worth ( hope people dont kill me for saying this), invest even more time and aknowledging the importance and potential that is in "SOUND". and that there is still more that can be done ...
    A Simulation want to give you "Feeling" of reality (specially those who love VR) and is allways GRAPHICS and of course ......... SOUND !! ( just underastimated... i repeat myself)
    All that together can give the "feeling " of beeing in the Air !!!
    Thats what i Love
    Pleas could you at least "separate that "wind from the engine.." so i can change it individual..

  • ... I join in your reflection of which I agree in every word ...
    on the Sound in the simulation I think exactly like you

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