Plane Always Keeps Turning Left Slowly

  • Hi,

    I bought this great addon, but I'm having some issues with MSFS -
    I am using the HOTAS warthog to control the plane, but for some reason, the keeps banking left... is this normal ? can you please help me out with this ?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Yep it's normal due to the P-factor and needs to be compensated.
    You can use the rudder trim (below the throttle quadrant) to counteract this a little.
    Other than that, of course the autopilot will help.

  • The default weight and balance for this aircraft includes only a Pilot... This makes the plane out of balance and left wing heavy, which causes a constant slow left turn in cruise flight... An easy solution for this is to add a Copilot on the MSFS Weight and Balance screen. The default loading also makes this aircraft nose heavy, since it is designed to carry rear passengers and baggage, so adding up to 200 lbs. of baggage will actually improve the CG and make it handle much better.

    Another solution is to burn fuel from the left tank only, until the plane becomes balanced with only the Pilot on board. Or, you can just add 10% more fuel to the right tank than the left tank to balance it.

  • Using Aileron and/or Rudder trim will balance this out

  • Somewhat related, is it me or is the slip indicator always showing a slip to the left? I don't really notice a roll or turn to the left, just the ball not being centered. P factor?

  • @rinkerbuck If the aircraft is unbalanced, when you fly with the wings level it will always slip...

  • were you able to fix that problem ?