PA-28R - VR cockpit focus

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    Whilst this is not a support forum, please submit all bugs to the below link

  • Same issue for me,
    So we shouldn't talk about technical issues with the product in the support forum Craig?

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    We don't do forum-based support at Just Flight. It just doesn't work for us. We have a pretty solid technical and customer support setup. If you have a problem with the software and want a solution we will deal with it for you and endeavour to find a solution. If you want to discuss the product or ask for advice etc from other users, then by all means post up in the forum.

  • @Derek Hi Derek - many thanks for this. I have raised a support ticket requesting this feature be added in a future update.


  • Judging by their reply, it looks like JF will not be adding VR cockpit focus in the near future at least 😞

    "We have not marketed the Arrow as being fully compatible with VR.

    We have testers and reviewers that have used it in VR, but it remains the case that VR functionality was added after the launch of MSFS and it is not yet covered properly in the SDK.

    That makes it very difficult to guarantee perfect compatibility - as we can in X-Plane, for example.

    We will aim to improve VR compatibility as best we can in the near future, but until the SDK outlines exactly how the update was implemented, this is not an easy task

    We're looking to provide an update this week that will improve some of the VR experience as we've had a couple of reported issues."

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    VR compatibility is addressed by the update released today. Please let us know if you still encounter any issues in VR.

  • @Martyn Fantastic work - the cockpit focus now works on the main instruments and there is only one mouse cursor visible.

    Many thanks for this update - I didn't expect the cockpit focus issue to be addressed after the response I received yesterday.

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    Great, thanks for confirming!

  • @Martyn said in PA-28R - VR cockpit focus:

    VR compatibility is addressed by the update released today. Please let us know if you still encounter any issues in VR.

    Thank you very much for the VR updates in the 0.2.0 update JF!

  • @Martyn I've made a video that shows what "VR Ready" actually means which you can find here.

    So my question is this: After having viewed my video, does this aircraft (the Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III) conform to the definition of VR shown in that video? And what about the newly released Turbo Arrow, does that also conform to that definition?

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for reviving an oldish thread, but it's still relevant to would be Arrow III owners, and is even more relevant given the recent release of the Turbo Arrow.