A few remarks on the PA-28R Arrow III

  • After having purchased and installing the PA28R last night, I'm doing my first testflight this morning.

    I wanted to make a few remarks I noticed this far :

    1. Turning the pilot view to the left makes the engine sounds decreasing to almost zero. Turning to the right increases the sound a little bit.
    2. The intercom switch removes the tablet from the screen
    3. While the tablet is onscreen and put in off position, the functions are still clickable and reacting
    4. The copilot in the cockpit is not the same guy/woman in the exterior view
    5. What does the Friction control do?
    6. What does the Fan control switch do?
    7. The view from the inside is blurry, because of the damaged and plastic looking windows.
    8. Using Spad.next to control buttons and levers etc. I noticed several buttons cannot be controlled by hardware like the Pro Switch Panel.

    edited: 9. No pilot in cinematic view.


  • Referring to number 8, i have published a Pro Switch profile in Spad for the PA28 which has all switches apart from Avionics, Taxi lights and Cowl flaps working. They use LVARs and not simconnect data controls.

    I'm currently working on the Multipanel.

  • Great, I'll have a look tomorrow. In the meantime I solved that problem by using "toggle" functions.



    1. This is by design
    2. It's supposed to lock throttle from going below 40% if it's engaged
    3. Can be fixed by switching to clean texture pack vs worn as described in User Manual, or by copying the clean plexi file to the default textures, I can tell u which files if you'd like.

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