Arrow Mixture control, cannot pull all the way down

  • I have just started to fly the Arrow and find that I cannot pull the mixture control to the fuel cutoff position. Not with my mixture control on the CH Yoke, not by pulling down with the mouse.

    Is this unique to me?

  • @Bert-Pieke no problem cutting fuel with my mixture tied to an axis here.

  • I have now been alerted to the manual, that mentions a "mixture lock" which is not on the diagram, and now that I have located it (next to the mixture lever) it appears to block the lever when in the unlocked position.. unless my eyes deceive me.

  • By "mixture lock", do you mean item 4 on page 20 of the manual, identified there as "Friction control"? That doesn't make and difference on mine and I have full movement on the mixture regardless of what position the friction control is in.

  • I saw this too when Flya150 tried to wind me up saying he had this plane. It was for P3D in the end. He was showing me round the plane. I noticed a "grey" piece of metal on the mixture lever and we "experimented" and found it prevents accidental shut off of the mixture. Pretty cool really, and a marvel that it was simulated. There is a lot about this plane that is so realistic, I might just make it my "go to" Aircraft from now on.

  • @Sender46 No not the tension lever, but it's to the left of that, attached to mixture lever itself I think. A "hook" shaped piece of grey metal. Click it and it toggles the lock on and off. The manual says it prevents the mixture from going below 40% I believe, but I found it to be higher, maybe 70%

  • @Tigerclaw Ah, I see that now and it does stop it from going below about 40% if I use the mouse to move the mixture lever.

    But using my Virtual Fly throttle I get full range on the mixture lever regardless of what position the mixture lock is in.