Strange looking structure on taxiway with Traffic Global

  • Hello,
    I recently installed Traffic Global and it adds a strange structure on the taxiway with the Sim-Wings EDDH add-on (see attached image).
    When i uninstall Traffic Global, the structure disappears and the taxiway looks normal.
    I use P3D V4.5 and EDDH add-on is right at the top of my scenery library. Any ideas what is causing this?
    Thank you very much for your help.eddh.jpg

  • JF Staff

    If you load P3D and open the Scenery Library, moving the SimWings entry above the Traffic Global entry should fix it for you.


  • EDDH is right at the top of the scenery library and Traffic Global is at the bottom, right above the default scenery, so i don't think this is the issue here.

  • One way to make sure its not TG go into TG Scenery folder scroll down to AFX_EDDH.bgl and delete it or edit it to AFX_EDDH.bgl.OFF by adding the OFF you will switch of the BGL file. If the problem is still there its not TG thats causing it, Do you use ORBX scenery Germany ORBX comes with airport BGL`s in the regions I have to edit my UK ORBX scenery.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I switched off the BGL file as advised but the structure is still there. Not sure why, but installing TG makes the structure show up and uninstalling it makes it disappear.
    I do have some Orbx stuff installed, but not Germany. The main list can be found in the image below, i have a few others but they are just airports or required libraries.


  • @Bloodhound
    Do have ADE you can check EDDH BGL for other BGLs in your sim.

  • I managed to make the structure disappear by simply disabling the Traffic Global entry in the scenery library, which actually refers to the AirportFacilities/Scenery folder.
    Anyway, i use VoxATC which generates its own traffic using the Traffic Global AI plane models and everything seems to be normal, all planes use the taxiways, take off and land as usual. I will test it more in the following days.