Piper Arrow III/IV - cockpit colors

  • Hello,

    I have your Piper Arrow III/IV product for XP11.

    I plan to purchase those airplanes for MSFS 2020.

    I would like to ask you whether you can add an option to choose cockpit colors for both versions of Arrows. I.e. for III have option to choose color from brown and metal color.

    In XP11 this is not possible and that is why I have to fly T version instead of normal version, because T version has brown colored cockpit.

    Thank you!

  • I've found there's already several mods to change the cockpit colours on flightsim.to. There aren't any included with the release.

  • @squareflux
    Well the mods change the interior colors, but not the panel. Not sure what @lessph exactly means with cockpit colors.

    From the screenshots it at least seems like the panel of the Turbo version will look slightly more blue-ish (not all black), but I also hoped to get that brown and a lighter color to swap. Probably won't happen and we'll have to wait for modders 🙂