TG Problem Using P3Dv5.1

  • I have been using TGv1.1.1.8 just fine with P3Dv4.5 for a long time. Last week I installed P3Dv5.1 and tried to compile flights for it today. When I try to open the manual or compile v5.1 I get the Unhandled exception error window. When I start the compiler it starts running even with the Unhandled error but it never finished running, just stuck on the spinning wheel after 2 horus. Also on the home page P3Dv5 still has the red x box. I ran the Setup Wizard 3 different times to add v5.1 to the sim list but the home page still shows it with the red box and when I start the wizard it always has v5 not listed. In case it matters my v5.1 is on a different drive from TG. Is there something else I need to do first for TG to find P3Dv5.1?

    Do I need to reinstall TG for v5.1 to work with it? Any other suggestions how to move forward with TG & P3Dv5.1?


  • @HondaJet
    Run the Setup Wizard again you can do this without re-installing through the Options tab.
    When you get to the detect sim screen like this.
    Check the bottom box has the right location for P3Dv5 dont worry about 5.1, if it`s not correct use the folder icon to point it to your P3Dv5 install, it may detect old sim entry hit the red button to cancel them as i have done then hit the green button you should see this.
    And complete if correct.