Getting a bit more traffic in v1.1.1.8

  • Posting this basically for interest only purely because I was curious to see if a previous workaround I had tried made any significant difference to the rather scant amount of traffic in TG v1.1.1.8.
    The end result is an increase in compiled filesize of Traffic_Global_Airlines.bgl from the default 10.6Mb to 20.7Mb.
    [the 'before' screenshots are using my FSX-SE installed airports, resulting in a compiled size of 12.6Mb, so not quite representative of TG default traffic]
    EGKK before
    EGKK D OH.jpg
    EGKK after
    EGKK OH.jpg
    EGLL before
    EGLL D OH.jpg
    EGLL after
    EGLL OH.jpg
    KDEN before
    KDEN D OH.jpg

    KDEN after
    KDEN OH1.jpg

    This really quick and easy workaround was achieved by modifying FSXSE_airports.dat in C:\Users\ username \Documents\TrafficGlobal\compiler\airportData,
    by recording a simple macro in Notepad++ to add all the GATE parking from KORD to all the airports (which inflates the file to around 149Mb!)

    Having only visited a few airports in the sim, I don't know for sure that it has made any significant difference, but I thought I'd share it here in case anyone was interested in a simple way to fill the virtual skies a bit more.

    [Just make certain you make a backup of the original FSXSE_airports.dat first!]

  • I'll wait for the next update, which may eliminate the disadvantage.

  • "Glad" to hear it's not just me with low volume of AI. Set to 100% in sim. Only see around 4 mobile units and maybe 12 statics at main hubs. Less at smaller airfields. Would have expected much more at max setting.

  • @dogtrack
    Yes, low traffic is the most common problem. Many European airports have around 1/4 of the flights and airlines created from the main database.

  • anyway to get tui planes visable yet