Thigpen (00M). What's going on there, then?

  • I happened to be doing some work on KMEI, and had the P3Dv4.5 radar display up to check on some mil traffic files I was playing with, when I noticed a whole bunch of traffic down to the Southwest. A closer look revealed it was GA traffic trying to get into 00M (Thigpen), a tiny little strip in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't just a little gaggle, it was forty, fifty or maybe more TG-generated GA aircraft in a circuit maybe 60 miles long. And lots of other aircraft from around the region were trying to join in.

    Was this a Friday afternoon traffic file, when the person responsible for doing the GA stuff decided for a laugh to point everything at the same little strip? It's hilarious, but a tad unrealistic...

    alt text

  • How high is your GA traffic setting and ORBX generate GA traffic, I never use GA more than 10%.

  • Hi Ray. Sorry for the delayed reply. The GA traffic was on 20%. You're right, it could be Orbx traffic - I forgot that was installed. I'll remove it and see what that does. I might then have a look at the traffic file and see if can spread the load a little,

  • JF Staff

    That's, er, interesting! Could you try compiling just the GA on its own and see if it happens again?

  • Hi Rich

    thanks to Super Traffic Board, I traced it to the traffic file TG_GA_AI.bgl, in Traffic Global's library in P3Dv4 Addons. The file is huge - 52mb. In it, there are over 57 thousand traffic plans (268,000 sectors), and a significant number of them use 00M!! The file dates from May 2018, which I think is when I first downloaded TG. Interestingly, it uses quite a few aircraft not in Traffic Global (and not on my system), but which were in Traffic 360 or Traffic X.

    I'm not going to try and sort the traffic file out. It's probably easier to make it a .bak file and do without!

  • JF Staff

    Hi Tim,
    You can just get rid of that file. It has been superseded by the new GA system and that file should have been removed by the compiler.

  • Thanks Rich. Effectively, that's what I've done. The GA skies are now almost bare! It was quite fun watching the J3 Cubs dancing around at 30kts (I don't think their FDE was really designed with AI in mind).

    I've now noticed an issue with the B748 freighter with it basically running out of airspeed and hitting the ground, grinding to a halt, 10-50 miles short of its target airfield. I will investigate further.