Questions and possible bugs with the Archer III

  • Got the Archer III through SimMarket a while ago, but only got to really test it recently. Some questions and possible bugs I found that I was hoping you might help me get clear on. This was tested with installer marked 103.

    -Autopilot: Seems to be doing it's thing even with AP master switch off. Pressing HDG enables the heading bug with master off for example. ALT button did not capture the altitude when I tried it several times. VS seems to work ok and it was easier to just use that and set it to 0 when I wanted straight and level flight.
    -Sounds in general in the aircraft seems high compared to other aircraft I have. Had to turn it down a lot, and then back up when I fly other aircraft. Especially the buttons are very loud. No headset simulation enhances this I guess. Something funky with the engine sound at 2500+ RPM as well compared to real Archers I have flown.
    -As someone else mentioned the speeds seem low in cruise settings as well. Not as extreme as the previous poster mentioned, but I had a hard time getting it over 110 with 2600 RPM. Only managed that during slow descent.
    -Flight1 GNS/GTN does not show in the Add-on menu for me even though I have both installed in the sim and use them in several other aircraft. Would love to see an external config tool for this aircraft similar to A2A where these options are set.
    -ADF buttons do nothing. Managed to set frequency, but could not change to active, and no other buttons did anything either.
    -Callsign sticker gets a double ghost layer when some of the interior lights are switched on.

    Hope someone can help me out with these things as combined they make the aircraft less attractive to use compared to other GA planes in the same range of performance. Would love to have a good Archer III simulation since it is a much used trainer and club plane.

  • Bought the Archer III yesterday. As I fly the Archer II and III in RL as well, two things with the JF Archer III absolutely didn't feel right after just five minutes of flying it in the sim:

    • No matter which propeller is being simulated here, there is something off. First, the JF Archer accelerates like a missile. From brakes off to 70kts and airborne in something like four seconds with three simulated male adults on board? No way! Even with a dedicated climb prop this seems fairly impossible. Also, at the same weight, a 90kts climb with more than 1000ft/min is not going to happen in a real Archer III.

    • Second, once you accelerate to 90+ knots, the propeller/engine RPM (fixed prop!) will go beyond red line speed. With a extremely pitched climb prop this might be possible, but I've never seen this in the Archer III or Archer II I both fly. You can redline the RPM at 100+ kts at low level, but not as exaggerated as in the JF Archer III, and certainly not in a climb.

    All in all the plane feels overpowered.

  • JF Staff

    @Thoste Please could you confirm which sim you are using P3D or FSX. Thanks Craig

  • I just purchased the Archer III for FSX today. I can get the GTN 750 to show on the instrument panel but the aircraft does not maintain the setting. Every time I start a flight with the aircraft I have to click a few times to select the GTN 750 again even though I ran the switch and selected the 650/750 configuration. I do not have this issue with the Arrow III and IV, just the Archer III.

  • I have the same issue with the cruise speed and sent a ticket yesterday about it. In real life I fly warriors with 160 HP engines and no wheel fairings. 2500 rpm gives a TAS of about 110 knots. In the JF Archer I can barely reach that speed at normal power settings, and can only reach 115-120 KTAS if I firewall and over speed the prop in cruise. Keep in mind the archer has a 180 hp engine and wheel fairings, so it should perform better than the warrior, not worse.
    This is in FSX boxed with windows 10