both default AI traffic and TG traffic are running

  • I had to do a reinstall of Pre3d4.5 with hot fix v3 after another add-on was causing my monitors to go black, after reinstall that program did not install and the issue is now gone. But now I have TG aircraft and default aircraft at the airports now, do I just do a reinstall TG to rid the sim of the default AI aircraft.

  • @Flyer626
    This is for FSX, but, assuming that the file structure is about the same for P3D...
    Go to ....\scenery\World\scenery folder and rename the file TrafficAircraft.bgl to TrafficAircraft.bgl.OFF, That'll disable all the default traffic [airliners + GA]..
    The TG installer usually disables the default traffic by renaming it TrafficAircraft_.bgl_TGbak when installeing but sometimes, for whatever reason, it gets missed.

  • got it, thanks. Guess the reinstall of pre3d let it happen.