Traffic Global and MAIW .

  • Hi, I would like to know if Traffic Global can be used in conjunction with MAIW?
    I fly mostly military aircraft ,but I have traffic global installed, and wondered if anyone else had the two installed, and if there were any conflicts?I hope you can help.
    Thanks .

  • @Taff-S53
    There are no conflicts whatsoever in running TG & MAIW side by side.
    I've been running a mixture of T360, TG, AIG, MAIW and all kinds of custom freeware GA & stuff since FSX was first released, just as a good many others have.
    If you're a P3Dv4 user, it couldn't be easier as both AIG's OCI & MAIW's MATRIX installers save all the data completely separately from the sim's location, so no chance of them messing up your setup!
    All FSX needs to 'know' is the location of the Simobjects (added as a line to the fsx.cfg), and that can be anywhere you fancy.
    You can then either add the MAIW traffic files to your scenery\world\scenery folder or treat their location outside of FSX as addon scenery and add the traffic that way (which is what I have done so that I can then toggle various traffic on/off from within the sim).
    There's even a way to effectively make many configurations (as it was possible to do in FS9): eg: one for MAIW, one for TG..etc by making copies of the FSX.exe and renaming that copy MAIW.exe, for instance.
    When you start the sim, it makes an fsx.cfg named you effectively end up with 2 separate sims, FSX.exe and MAIW.exe! [no idea if this would work in P3D though as I only have FSX]
    Hope that helps to answer your question!

    ps: the only slight downside that you may find is that, the more additional traffic that you add, the longer the sim will take to load..and, as I've discovered...MAIW can grow pretty huge!

  • Thank you Capt Quirk for your reply, I'm not great with files and things ,so I didn't want to end up re-installing everything in-case it all went pear shaped.
    Sorry I should have said I'm running P3Dv 4.5.
    Thanks again.
    Taff S.

  • @Taff-S53
    No worries, Taff....the MATRIX installer couldn't make it any easier so you really shouldn't run into any problems.
    Should you have trouble, there's always plenty of people more than willing to help.

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Ok just installed Matrix, everything is fine , just as you said the installer did everything for you . Now if only Just Flight would do a C130J !!!
    Cheers .

  • @Taff-S53
    While you wait for that...there's a very nice freeware C130J-30 out there by Premier Aircraft Design team which might work in P3D.
    [ Rikoooo downloads come with an installer/uninstaller, so no fiddling with files!]

  • @Capt-Quirk Thanks for that , there's a J with P3Dv 4, but it's the old Captainsim
    version with a few tweaks . I'll give the one you recommended a try though .
    Thanks, Taff S .