ATR72-500 Won't Take Off

  • I was doing a bit of spotting at (virtual) Arrecife this morning. I watched the Binter ATR72-500 taxi to the end of the runway and just sit there.

    I exited P3D and created ny own test flight at EGCN using the JF aircraft and the same thing happened. It just sits at the end of the runway and does not move any further.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and, if they have, has a solution been found?

  • I tried the ATR72 @ OIIE in FSX-SE: [TG v1.1.1.4 - latest version]:
    JFAI_ATR72 TG v1.1.1.4.jpg
    Though it did depart ok, it acted a bit like Tigger on it's way to the runway! [continually bounced + wandered a bit off the taxiway]
    While I was there, I tested the ATR42, Dash8-300 & Dash8-400 also and discovered this:
    JFAI_Dash8_300 TG v1.1.1.4 prop hubs.jpg
    [Dash8-300 model TG v1.1.1.4 FSX-SE dx9]
    If I recall, the problem of planes lingering at the threshold has cropped up in previous versions of TG, [in the Dash8-400 if memory serves...]
    The plane took off ok for me in that case too, so maybe this is some random glitch? (it might be worth editing your flightplan to test the plane at several default airports to eliminate the possibility that the problem is caused by the airport's AFCAD)
    [Not that it's a major issue, but the nosewheels on the ATR42/72 & Dash8-300/-400 all appear half buried in the concrete]