Problems WIth Autopilot

  • I just bought the Avro Vulcan and I must say I'm enjoying it a lot.

    One thing I can't seem to get working is the autopilot, either from the main panel or the 2D popup. I pull on the Power knob, pull the Track Knob, Move the switch to Alt and pull it and then pull the Engage knob. I have the IN indicator light up, but no apparent action to maintain current altitude or heading.

    This is with the aircraft set up from engines running. I have checked the Master Autopilot is turned on at the right hand panel.

    I might add that this is X-Plane 11.50b3, so I suppose it's possible it's a Beta issue.

  • I am managing to maintain altitude using the autopilot, but no idea how to change the heading..... haha

  • Are you also using the MFS (Military Flight System) switches top right of the centre front panel? To maintain altitude, you should have 'Height' selected on the lower of the two right side controllers. With that controller centred, you should be able to use the climb / dive switch front of the fuel tray to manually adjust the altitude.

    Changing heading also uses the MFS (upper switch this time, set to 'Remote') and the HSI - the adjustment knob lower right corner of the HSI can be pulled out / pushed in. Out, it adjusts the orientation of the instrument. In, it adjusts the heading to be followed. If you switch the MFS to centre (unlabelled), you can then use the bank angle selector front of the fuel tray to turn the aircraft manually.

    Hope that gives you a bit of an idea, it's quite a complex system but when you are used to it it works well!

  • @Delta558 Hi thanks for the advice, but despite more reading of the manual I'm still having trouble getting it working.

    This is what I have done:

    MFS Switches:

    1. Upper Set to Remote
    2. Lower Set to Height
    3. Knob turned to the left

    Right Side Panel:

    1. Master Autopilot switch to on

    Autopilot Panel:

    1. Power on
    2. Channel switches (R, A, E) set to on (up)
    3. Track knob pulled out
    4. IAS/ALT switch set to ALT and pulled out
    5. Engage knob pulled out
    6. Ready and IN indicators lit

    Autopilot/Elevator/Servo Load indicator:

    1. Trim is within center portion
    2. Both ready and Engage lamps are lit

    Front Upper Right Panel:

    1. MFS/TFR switch set to MFS

    Throttle Quadrant Area:

    1. HRS/MFS switch set to MFS

    Beam Compas:

    1. Rotated knob to set desired track

    I have to say so far I'm very impressed with the level of modeling, you guys have certainly recreated a very complex machine.


  • @Romulus I managed to track using the MFS set to LOC, and the HSI was dialled to the course. Tracked perfectly.

    Maybe we could try a multiplayer connect at some point?