Unable to Copy Traffic Database into Flight Simulator X

  • Bought traffic global and had a few probelms with is originally but managed to solve them and got it working well. However i downloaded some new scenery and went onto traffic global to compile traffic again as it was not working with the scenery. Now all i get is "Unable to Copy Traffic Database into Flight Simulator X" and i simply have no idea what is causing it. Still works with previous airport scenery but can't get traffic global to compile successfully again. Please help!

  • @minigrum
    You may have already done this, but just in case you haven't

    Make sure that you have added the new add on scenery to the FSX 'Add On Scenery' folder and then disabled the corresponding scenery in the Traffic Global 'Airport Facilities' folder (sub folder within titled 'Scenery') by adding .OFF to the end of the scenery AFX bgl

    This is an example of an Add On Scenery bgl contained within the FSX Add On Scenery Folder:

    And this is how it appears in the Traffic Global Airport Facilities (Scenery) Folder:
    AFX_KLAS.bgl.OFF (This scenery bgl has now been disabled)

    Adding the .OFF extension to the end of the bgl file disables the Traffic Global Airport Facilities scenery from being displayed and allows the FSX Add On Scenery to take priority

    After disabling the scenery in the Traffic Global Scenery Folder, re-run the compiler process again and this should populate the airport with TG AI traffic

    However, be aware that based on the airport in question, the amount of AI traffic displayed, will be determined by the current airlines/schedules that TG has established at this time, and what your traffic levels are set to in FSX

    Hope this helps

  • @vortexwake Thanks for your comment, i am sorry if i am being thick... i am not really computer wiz unfortunately, but i can't seem to find an airport facilities folder within traffic global or anywhere else... so i am a bit stuck.

    Please feel free to point out if i am being a bit stupid šŸ˜ƒ

  • @minigrum
    No trouble....the default location that Traffic Global creates this folder is in the 'Documents' location of your system

    The folder itself will be named 'Traffic Global' and there will be multiple folders contained within this main folder:

    Airport Facilities
    look ups
    Traffic Global Fleet
    Traffic Global docx (Word Document)

    Once you have located the main 'Traffic Global' folder, the 'Airport Facilities' folder will be contained within, and the 'Scenery' folder that I made reference to will be contained within this folder

    Not being 'stupid' at all....we all need a little bit of direction sometimes

  • @minigrum ahh thanks!

    I have managed to do this now however i am still getting an error from Traffic Global saying is unable to copy traffic into flight sim, and in game the traffic is still there but not moving on the ground. I only get AI landing nothing taking off.

    Very strange because it was all wokring fine and i was impressed but now it is compeltely broken!

  • @minigrum
    Where are you seeing the message that it's unable to copy traffic into the sim? When compiling?

    When you say "in game the traffic is still there but not moving on the ground"
    Do you mean the default FSX traffic? ( Landmark, Orbit, Soar, World Travel, etc...) or are you seeing actual real world airlines such as American, Continental, Delta, Southwest, etc...? (or whatever would be recognizable as real world airlines where you are)

    If you are seeing real world airlines in the sim, then TG has installed, and it should have disabled the default FSX traffic from being displayed

    The limited amount of AI can be related to a number of things, from what airport are you operating from....to what your 'Traffic Density' sliders are set to in the FSX settings

    Have you attempted to move to a heavy traffic airport like KDFW or KLAX?.....or moved the traffic density sliders full right (100%) to see if that has any effect on the amount of AI traffic?

    But let's make sure that TG actually installed properly first....many people run into various problems with TG, but most of them can usually be sorted out

    Edit: If you were able to locate the "Traffic Global" folder in your Documents that was referenced earlier, that would suggest that TG has installed....and it may just be down to a matter FSX settings or operating location

  • @vortexwake so the message I am getting is within the traffic global program just towards the end of the compiling process. And the types of traffic I am getting is real world airlines and not the default. I have used the slider and that does increase/ decrease the amount of traffic there is at the airport however does not change the movement of them. (Have also turned off and on ground vehicles to see if that changed anything, however did not have an effect.)

    I have tried going to airports like Heathrow, Amsterdam and LAX but the traffic moving is very minimal, and sometimes none at all. Like stated before I seem to get a lot of aircraft landing but not much heading towards the runways to take off. Also in the air there is plenty of traffic. But can be temperamental to the point where is all disappears.

    I have tried reinstalling the program several times and contacted the devs over a week ago but Iā€™d imagine with the current climate understandably their priorities are with other things.

  • @minigrum
    OK...I'm not sure about the message that you're seeing towards the end of the compiling process, but if you're seeing real world airline liveries, on the TG aircraft fleet, and none of the FSX default aircraft and airlines, then TG has been installed

    The lack of aircraft ground movement is unfortunately, more the result of the way that the TG airline schedules are currently written into the program, and have been this way since being released in Early Access format

    The full explanation of this is more detailed, but briefly, flights were scheduled on a 24 hour cycle meaning many aircraft would sit on their gates taking up space for much longer than they actually would in a real world environment, resulting in a lot of aircraft being parked, waiting to complete an outbound leg of a flight, instead of being airborne and flying more realistic schedules.....leading to a lack of aircraft ground movement at many airports that would normally appear very busy....there are many posts in the Traffic Global section of this forum alluding to this issue

    The upside to this, is that the devs at JF have realized that they have to create a revised, more realistic real world (or as close to real world as possible) schedule in order to address this and get more aircraft airborne which would in theory, generate more aircraft ground movement

    Creating this schedule has been an ongoing process for some time now, and only the devs would know how it's progressing at this point, but once it's completed and released, it should improve the ground traffic flow and more importantly, put more aircraft in the air

    Again, I'm not sure about the message at the end of the compiling process, perhaps anybody else looking at this thread may be able to offer some more insight to it, but based on the description of what you're seeing, it sounds like TG is working the way it does for most users....sorry I'm not able to offer a more definitive answer on this

    JF is usually pretty good at responding to support tickets, but they may be operating at a somewhat reduced capacity at the moment....might take them a little longer than usual under the circumstances

  • JF Staff

    If you haven't already please send a ticket to support who will help you out here. As already mentioned it's Easter holidays so the response time will suffer accordingly (but they will help)


  • Thanks @vortexwake and @Voice-of-Reason, i have sent of a ticket and will await a response šŸ™‚ Thanks for all your help!!