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  • [fltsim.5]
    ui_type="C172SP Skyhawk"

    ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop"
    ui_createdby=Traffic Global

    performance="Maximum Speed\n126 kts 203 km/hr\n\nCruise Speed\n124 kts 200 km/hr\n\nEngine\nTextron Lycoming IO-360-L2A 180 bhp\n\nPropeller\nTwo-Bladed Macauley Fixed Pitch\n\nMaximum Range\n638 nm 734 mi 1181 km\n\nService Ceiling\n14,000 ft\t 4267 m\n\nFuel Capacity\n56 gal\t 212 L\t \n\nEmpty Weight\n1,665 lb\t 1,002 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\n2,550 lb\t 1,157 kg\n\nLength\n27 ft, 2 in 8.2 m\n\nWingspan\n36 ft, 1 in\t 11 m\n\nHeight\n8 ft, 11 in\t 2.72 m\n\nSeating\t 4\n\nUseful Load\n893 lb\t 405 kg\n"
    Category = airplane

    Recognized ATC aircraft models [Phrase ID ATC text and audio]

    atc_model=P210 Centurion
    atc_model=P28B Dakota
    atc_model=P28R Cherokee
    atc_model=P28T Cherokee

    atc_model=P3 P-3
    atc_model=P32R Saratoga

  • This is starting to do my head in!
    I've just created flightplans for every repaint of each individual aircraft type in v1.1.1.4 so that they're parked up at a 'disused' airfield.
    Aside from the planes that I am unable to actually see in FSX-SE, if I line up any of the others, at first all the various liveries are sometimes visible until I change views and then they seem to all change to the first repaint listed in the aircraft.cfg [fltsim.0] which is the first fallback texture.
    In the case of the Kingair:
    plus, I guess some of these paints might be temporary placeholders? Certainly in the case of the B200 at least, there's not a helluva lot of variety☹
    TG B200 Kingair all repaints (part).jpg
    also, just for info (don't mean to be picky)...but the RAF is ZK456...

    EDIT: Just had a speedy 'world tour' to various airports in FSX-SE and have spotted the odd different livery, but they seem few and far between, the majority being just the one livery.
    E.g: RAF Kingair, C208 G-EACP.

    Compiling with 'use alternate liveries' seems to help add variety in all the aircraft that are visible in FSX, except for some reason the C208 where G-EACP appears in just about every instance.

    TG C208 Grand Caravan liveries.jpg
    Just a thought, but wouldn't generic repaints with no reg numbers be a bit more realistic?
    The compilation allocates random registrations appropriate to the flightplan anyway.
    Seems really odd to have european & US registered light planes turning up all over the world and you end up with ATC communicating with HB-xxx in Switzerland when the plane clearly has a UK reg, for instance.

  • Btw, TG compiler is still putting TrafficGlobal_myFlights.bgl 75.4Kb into scenery/world/scenery even when not ticked to compile.

  • @Capt-Quirk

  • Been trying to compile traffic into P3D v5. Compiler has now been running for over 15 minutes with no sign of reaching the end.

  • Further update. Compiler is working fine with P3D v4.5 after following Rich's steps above but it refuses to do anything with v5.

  • Same problem here. The TrafficApp in Task Manager is sitting there at 0% CPU use trying to compile for P3Dv5

  • Trying to compile for P3Dv4 and selecting only RESCAN AIRPORT DATA (as per screenshot above) everything works. Adding CARGO even to P3Dv4 nothing happens.

    Doing the same for P3Dv5 nothing happens, even without CARGO and GA.

    I only noticed that when you select both the TRAFFIC GLOBAL DATABASE and PREPAR3D v5 and try to compile, a white window pops up telling something like "be sure to have selected the correct database and simulator", and after a "fake" compile starts (nothing happens, no activity in CPU and DISK in task manager)

    Also noticed that when you install TG, at the first window at launch P3Dv5 is NOT detected, only P3Dv4. On the next one it is indeed present with correct path.

    Can we have an official statement on how to proceed to compile correctly for P3Dv5 or if we have to wait for a new release?


  • JF Staff

    For any problems compiling in P3Dv5, please see here:

    Regarding some of the new GA aircraft being invisible in FSX - I'd hoped to have had this corrected earlier in the week and have moved onto other issues by now. Unfortunately they inexplicably refuse to show in FSX and we haven't tracked down why yet. We've got multiple people looking at it over the weekend and I'm sure we'll get it sorted soon.

    Liveries - at the moment the GA aircraft have a fairly bare-bones set of liveries all based off of the same design. However, once we've addressed things based on peoples feedback (hexagonal windows for example), we'll then create a larger set of liveries with much more variation.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • @Rich
    Thanks for the reply, Rich.
    Hope the investigations find the cause of some planes not showing in FSX and it does make sense to iron out all the kinks before doing a load of paints for them.
    The models, like all those in TG, are really good and deserve a range of liveries.
    Hope all at JF are keeping safe and well!