This Version Has Expired

  • I tried opening the traffic global app, to make a change, and for the first time since I have been in early access I have a problem. As the topic title says I get an error message saying "this version has expired" and to login to my account for the latest version.

    All I can download from my account is version which I already have a copy of. I have tried uninstalling and doing a fresh install of that version, but keep getting the same message when I open the application.

    Does anyone have an idea whats going on please?

    Also when I try downloading from my account, Windows 10 thinks that traffic global is harmful and blocks the download!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Simon B.

  • Apologies guys I have just read another post showing the solution. 😁


  • I just got this error message "this version has expired" too, even though I also have the latest version. What is the solution please?
    I'm not certain which other thread you are referring to.

    Thank you - Bob

  • I just tried re downloading TG from my Just Flight account, and it's version is only But I'm already up to in my
    actual install. What is correct?


  • Never mind. I'm not certain what the other solution was, but I uninstalled and re-installed and now it's
    working again.

  • JF Staff

    @BBCM Good stuff. Yes you need to download it from our server then it will appear in your account. Assume that's what you had missed. Anyway, glad you have it sorted now.

  • Sorry Bob, been offline for a few days, glad you got it sorted anyway.