Cessna 152 Black Props

  • All my 152's have black props when rotating, will there be a fix for this please?

  • @Simon-B
    This is caused by a folder that was not ported over from T360 which contains the fallback textures for the prop.
    You'll find the GAA-5 has the same issue, as well as both having 'heavily tinted' cockpit windows.
    It was raised on the EA forum yonks ago but never fixed.
    If you have a copy of T360, copying the missing folder to the TG Simobjects folder will cure the issue.
    Rich has said recently that there's a new set of GA coming in the next update, so maybe a fix won't be necessary.

  • @Simon-B
    The blacked out prop discs on the C152/GAA5 seem to have been corrected in the Traffic Global Aircraft Fleet Updated link that Rich posted yesterday in the TG Early Access Forum. If you don't have access to the EA Forum, then the fix of porting over the folder from T360 to TG that Capt Quirk is suggesting will correct the blacked out prop discs.

  • Nope, I still have black props and 'heavily tinted' glass on both the C152 & GAA-5 as the fallback texture folder is still missing even after the model update.
    C152 prop.jpg
    GAA-5 prop.jpg
    An invisible Boeing 737-300:
    B733 invisible in FSX.jpg
    B733w Boliviana:
    B733w Boliviana black texture.jpg
    On the offchance it may have been something that I've done to screw things up, I have taken time to run the v1.1.1.2 installer to uninstall/reinstall TG into a completely default FSX (boxed), compiled & then run the model update.
    Prop disks still black, fallback folder missing, B733s are all invisible, except the winglet model, which displays a completely black texture.
    Also the B773 texture sheets are still in the B733 folders. Doesn't affect anything I know, but it's just untidy!

  • Many apologies to the OP but, just to keep this all in one place..

    I lurve what you've done to the An-225!!😁
    AN225 mdl update v1.1.1.2.jpg
    (yeah, I know it'll only show up if the DIY flightplans are active, and even then I doubt anyone will be in the right place at the right time to actually see it, but then it's untextured anyway....)
    Also probably of little consequence now that the GA is to be revamped, but I see the Beaver floatplane is back in TG_GA_AI.bgl.
    Boeing 737-300 Jet2 at cruise:
    B733 Jet2.jpg
    Dash8-400 prop disks
    Dash8-400 prop.jpg

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Stealth B737-300?.......🀣

  • @vortexwake
    'Your pilot for this flight is....Wonderwoman!'

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Porter Dash8-400 very low prop RPM



    C152 Prop Disc



  • Antonov An-225 TG v1.1.1.0c
    AN225 TG v1.1.1.0c.jpg

    Antonov An-225 TG v1.1.1.2 with model update applied😲
    AN225 TG v1.1.1.2 with model update.jpg

    B733 using model from TG v1.1.1.0c
    B733 using model from TG v1.1.1.0c.jpg

  • Thanks chaps, I moved the folder, all is now well.