• Any news yet as to a fix on the autopilot issues for the vulcan. Still unable to use this aircraft without this.

  • I've actually just popped off a message regarding this to another forum member who has been testing adjustments, as it is working absolutely fine on my system (see the following vids:
    and )

    You'll see from those that I'm using pretty steep angles and climb rates, well outside what you would normally expect and I have also left the sim flying on autopilot near Bristol and come back a good while later to find it holding the parameters set and a way west of Ireland.

    Working absolutely fine here, just need to work out why it isn't on all setups.

    (Unable to use the aircraft without it? Set yourself a low level route around the UK and hand-fly it. That's how you should use the Vulcan 😇 )


  • Just a brief update on this - it is now working fine as per the videos and not just on my PC. There will hopefully be an update in the very near future which fixes it for all, however it is tied up in my WIP fde files that give both engine variants so will not be immediate as there are some other points which will need adjusting / fixing before it can all be packaged up for the download.


  • Thanks for the update Paul.

  • Thanks Paul. When ca we expect a patch to roll out with this fix?

  • Do you know how the autopilot fix is coming along?

  • In itself, the AP fix is done. There are a couple of other bits being sorted, hopefully it'll come together quite soon - files have been going back and forth in the background this week, it's actually one of the products being worked on.

  • Thanks Delta 558, I look forward to the update 🙂

  • Just wondering if there's any update to this? I've tried using the autopilot but it doesn't work - so the Vulcan is great for short hops but not much use for long haul flights at the moment!

  • Presumably this is proving more difficult than thought?
    Any news at all?

  • Not proving difficult at all - it's done from my side. I believe the Vulcan to be waiting for a respite in the work schedule so it can all be put together and the patch issued.

  • @Delta558
    That's great news - hopefully schedule will allow this soon. It's a great aircraft otherwise.

  • @Delta558
    Well, spent quite a lot on Justflight products in the past and now regret paying £40 for this.. Sorry the company are too busy to turn out your fix. But seriously.... the vulcan was not meant to be flown at- " a low level route around the UK and hand-fly it. That's how you should use the Vulcan". It was in fact a long range nuclear bomber.
    You say you love the plane, I'm sure you do, however recall seeing a flight of 3 going over my school when I was child - I have recently been in the cockpit - and still really love this aircraft.
    But not this version as it is not fit for purpose w/out functioning autopilot.
    Not a dig at you, so don't be offended - equally don't be condesending.

  • JF Staff

    "Sorry the company are too busy to turn out your fix."

    There are some other Vulcan updates being worked on at the moment. Probably about a month or so away.

  • @Martin1 No intent to be condescending, the comment about low-level was a fairly flippant attempt at humour! However, the B2 was introduced in the same year Gary Powers was shot down in the U2 and that prompted the move from high level to low level, so the B2 Vulcans only did four or five years of what the original concept was designed around before spending the vast majority of its career (almost 20 years) in the low-level attack role (Blue Steel until 1970, then conventional or tactical nuclear afterwards).

    I find flying the Vulcan at low level, with the poor visibility from the cockpit, much more rewarding than sticking the autopilot on, hence my comment. Some of the original routings are described online, a couple of the low-level entry points to the UK low flying system being not far from me along the South Wales coastline and there is also a very good video on YouTube of the last days of 617 squadron's Vulcan time with a planned low level sortie. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but whilst I hope the fix gets released soon I don't think the package should be described as 'not fit for purpose' solely on the basis of a non-functional autopilot. Anyway, check your PMs for a potential temporary fix.