Mexico & Central America Schedules

  • Is there gonna be an update for more and realistic schedules on Mexico and Central America? There is a lot of flights that are still missing on this areas, remember that is part of the globe that must be improve.


    • MMMY has no commercial flights from inside Mexico and from the USA making it look abandoned. Also other airports on Mexico suffers this. (MMMD, MMPB, MMPR, etc)

    • MMUN: Is good but it can improve with more real flights from Mexico and international

    • MMMX: It has traffic but we need more than Interjet traffic, there are a low amount of traffic form the USA, Canada, Mexico and there is no traffic from the rest of Latin America (Avianca, Latam, etc) and flights fom other continets ( Iberia, British Airways, Lufthansa, ANA, Qatar, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Cargolux, Turkish Airlines)


    • Honduras: This country has a good quantity of GA traffic but not commercial (only Avianca from Colombia not Avianca C.A. fix that livery on the ATRs) Still missing a lot of flights schedules from USA and other countries (American , United , Delta, Spirit, Copa Airlines, Air Europa, Cayman Airways, Aeroméxico, Air Transat, Westjet, Sunwing, Amerijet, UPS, DHL, Avianca C.A) flying to MHTG, MHLM and MHRO.

    • El Salvador: Good quantity of GA. MSLP is the primary airport for Avianca C.A so it need more scheduel flights of those and also more international flights not only from USA and Mexico( American, United, Delta, Copa, Aeroméxico, Volaris, Interjet, JetBlue, Spirit, Amerijet, UPS, DHL) but also Spain (Iberia).

    • Guatemala , Nicaragua, Costa Rica: Needs real flight schedules for MMGT (Guatemala) and MNMG (Nicaragua), MROC (Costa Rica) and MRLB (Costa Rica) with the following Airlines ( American, United, Copa, Avianca CA, Delta, Spirit, UPS, DHL, Aeroméxico, etc)

    • Panama: MPTO is the main opearting airport for Copa Airlines and there is not a single 737/738/ERJ190 from this airline. The only traffic I saw was an ERJ from Avianca C.A nothing more. Must improve this. There are also flights not only from Latin America or the USA but from Europe and Canada (Iberia, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Air Canada Rouge)

    I hope there is an upcoming update to fill correctly not randomly this gap of traffic also with the real aircraft operating on the routes on Mexico and Central America. Looking forward to see improve this great AI Traffic engine.

  • This is a topic thay should be adressed by the developers....

  • HI @Rich please take into account this issue for next update.

    Lost of airports in America have few traffic compared to real world.