v1.1.1.2 Installer not recognizing FSX:SE

  • Have already submitted a support ticket on this, but wondered if anybody else encountered any issues with the TG v1.1.1.2 installer not recognizing the FSX:SE installation.

    Uninstalled v1.1.1.1b using the TG installer, and attempted installing v1.1.1.2 using the TG installer, but the UI doesn't indicate any flightsim platform as being installed.

    Manually set the install path that was recognized by v1.1.1.1b, but it just doesn't seem to be able to find FSX:SE, even re-downloaded v1.1.1.2 from my account to ensure the exe wasn't corrupted in some way, but the results are the same.

    Tried to roll back to v1.1.1.1b, but received the message window indicating that this version is now expired, and to download the latest version v1.1.1.2.

    Strangely, there still seems to be some leftover TG AI (Air Canada, Air Transat, Westjet, United) mixed in with the default AI when FSX:SE is run, almost as if the uninstall of v1.1.1.1b didn't fully complete? I don't know how or if this would even be possible, and if this in some way connected to the issue with the installer not recognizing the FSX:SE install.

    But the primary problem at the moment, seems to be the installer not seeing FSX:SE, and I know that there were many instances of this reported in the EA Forum, but thought that this bug had been identified and corrected.

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