No traffic in fsx steam

  • Hello, I had purchased traffic global not to long ago, and was wondering if anyone had any prob,East with the traffic appearing in the simulator. I have fsx steam and was wondering if anyone here has fsx steam and has purchased traffic global as well, and if you do could you please please tell me how you installed and got the traffic to appear in fsx steam.

    Thanks, Christian😑 😑

  • JF Staff

  • To add to that you can run the setup wizard at any time you do not need to uninstall TG, and if you cannot see traffic click option tab at the top, then the run setup wizard tab and check when you get to this window.
    You need the 2nd box down to have the path to your FSX:SE, this should have(D:) \Program Files (x86)\steam\ steamaapps \common\ FSX , included in path the drive letter of the install in my case (D:).

  • I already know that but give something else, because I can’t get any ai traffic

  • @christiant2000
    HI Christian,

    Assuming you installed TG to the default location,

    if you open this file:
    C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE\fsx.cfg (or fsx-se.cfg):

    there should be an additional entry for TG under the [Main] section after all the default SimObjectPaths entries: number=C:\Users\ username \Documents\TrafficGlobal\TrafficGlobalFleet

    then, provided you have this file here:
    [this file should be about 9 -10Mb after compiling the traffic. If it's only a few Kb, then the compilation failed and you won't get any TG traffic]

    If both are true you must get TG traffic.

    The only other reason none would show is if there's an FS2004 traffic file lurking around somewhere.

    Hope that's of some help!

  • I installed FSX:SE for test purposes.
    As you can see the default traffic I turned off below the TG traffic, I also linked the T360 to my P3Dv4.5 with military JF pack but it ended up to much traffic, I have over 25,000KB BGL for TG traffic in P3D.

  • when I compiled the traffic in the traffic global app, I still keep getting 75 kb as the file size of the Traffic_Global_Airlines.bgl. And also will you know if it works if fsx steam updates its scenery files when starting fsx steam. Also, is there post to be a addon in fsx steam for traffic global when your in the game doing a flight.

  • @christiant2000
    The small size of the traffic file means that it hasn't compiled, so TG is probably unaware of where your FSX-SE is installed.
    Have you made sure the installation path is correct, as per Ray's original suggestion?
    A lot of folk seem to have had problems installing TG when only the Steam edition is installed, especially if a copy of the dvd version of FSX has previously been uninstalled. (which is possibly why Derek suggested the JF FAQ page).
    To answer your other questions, FSX-SE will update scenery files every time it finds a new .bgl file, even if it's your 75Kb TG traffic file and there will be no additional interface within FSX-SE for TG (like there is for, say FSUIPC). TG is completely external to the FSX-SE program.

  • I did have the Regular fsx uninstalled before I installed fsx steam

  • @christiant2000
    Hi Christian,
    I think that's what may be causing the problem, as I believe TG gets confused by picking up the old dvd FSX install somehow, instead of FSX-SE.
    As Ray originally said, you need to check that TG is aware of where FSX-SE is installed, which means running the TG setup wizard and manually pointing to the folder where FSX-SE is installed.
    Hopefully, that should solve your problem! πŸ™‚
    I recall from the (now closed) EA forum that this was an issue that quite a few people have you're not alone! (It was even supposed to have been fixed in a past update!...Traffic Global v1.1.0.9 Change Log: FSX.cfg Steam version identification issue – fixed)

  • @christiant2000
    Should you be unable to find the cause of your problem, Christian, and are reaching the point of tearing your hair out, here is a simple workaround that's guaranteed to get TG traffic in your sim.
    It's not ideal, as it completely bypasses the compilation process and you will therefore get a little less traffic, but you will get most of it.

    Assuming that you have installed TG to the default location on your C:\ drive...

    make a backup copy of your fsx.cfg (or fsx-se.cfg) for safety

    edit fsx.cfg (or fsx-se.cfg):

    find the section [Main]

    where you'll see this:
    User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter

    if it isn't there already, add the following line

    SimObjectPaths.6=C:\Users\your username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\TrafficGlobalFleet

    save the file

    go to
    C:\Users\your username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\Tools\P3Dv4\TrafficGlobal\scenery
    there you should find the following files:


    these are precompiled traffic files and, although intended for P3Dv4, will work just fine in FSX.
    copy whichever of these files you want to:


    Now, unless there is an FS2004 format traffic.bgl somewhere in your installation, you will get TG traffic!

    I'm afraid it won't solve the fact that the TG program will not work properly for you, but if you just want to get some planes buzzing around, it should work!

  • JF Staff

    I'm afraid it won't solve the fact that the TG program will not work properly for you, but if you just want to get some planes buzzing around, it should work!

    Alternatively, contact Just Flight support and we can get it working properly for you. It is designed to run with FSX Steam Edition and so no reason why it shouldn't. Issues are usually down to older versions of FSX hanging around, although that has been resolved so it may be something else.