Still getting intermittent default AI

  • Hi.

    I recently upgraded from P3D v4.4 to v4.5. Since then I have been finding default AI aircraft at airports amongst the Traffic Global AI. I wondered whether the new P3D installation will have affected the TG installation, so I uninstalled and reinstalled TG and recompiled the traffic. I am still getting default AI. I know I had this problem once before and posted here about it, but cannot find the posting with the solution. Please could somebody help.

    Do I need to reinstall TG every time I install a new version of P3D? And do I need to recompile the traffic every time I add a new scenery?

    Many thanks.


  • Go into P3Dv4.5 Scenery folder then open World then Scenery scroll to the bottom you should see TrafficAircraft.bgl TG should have changed this to TrafficAircarft_.bgl_TGbak turning off the BGL Default AI, you can turn off a bgl by adding .OFF as well, example a conflicting Airport AFCAD in the TG scenery folder AFX_EGLL.bgl.OFF this now will not clash with your HEATHROW addon airport.,

  • This post is deleted!