Creating cargo flights

  • For users who don't want to create flight plans using the My Flights Tool but want to see cargo flights,
    Start TG in the main database window select departure airport tab scroll to a main addon airport you have, you will see you have more plans than parking spots meaning not all plans will load, but your cargo gates are empty, find a flight to another main airport that has cargo gates, Click on edit selected flight plan change the aircraft in the plan to a cargo aircraft and the tail number then run test compile flight plan if OK click save flight plan changes, this way you can increase flights in the sim and reduce the no available parking errors.
    Be aware you will lose your edits when the database is updated but it is a simple way to include cargo flights in the sim without having to work out timings as that's already in the plan.
    PS i now have my error count down to 14,000 out of 48,385 plans, could reduce even more by adding unknow airport plans to a nearby airport by changing the plans departure airport.
    LTFM cargo mostly created using LTBA plans some are My Flights.
    PS the 747-400 BCF only the Air Cargo will now work in TG after the last update the rest will return an unavailable parking error, and the undercarriage needs attention.

  • I have a bunch of saved flight plans leaving LTFM but unable to compile because LTFM does not exist. The only new traffic I have now seen is a flight overhead and a bus at the airport where that came from I have no idea since there is no animation at this airport.

  • My custom TG Scenery folder now stands at 50kb all my addon airport CAD files copied to the folder and some of the ORBX airport CAD files therefor no scenery clash.
    And as you can see LTFM and still converting my scenery folder to ADE5 as ADE4 can display incorrectly with overlap base scenery.

  • LTFM_ADEP4_ADE.ad4, this has been added to Traffic Global scenery file but this is not enough, LTFM has to replace LTBA in this file airportLookup and then recomplied. This is what JF has to do, I not sure why it wasn't done with last update, or maybe it was and something went wrong. Rich needs to respond why this didn't happen or what went wrong if tried. I noticed that new ICAO codes were added just not sure which ones.