On modifying Traffic Density in the Default Database tab

  • I've been looking to reduce the dominance of certain airlines at a few of my favourite airports. In the TG UI:

    Filter by airline
    Filter by departure airport
    Select a row/flight plan
    Edit Selected Flight Plan (I altered Traffic Density to 100% for unwanted plans)
    Save Flight Plan Changes
    Close Edit tab
    Exit TG UI

    Then I discovered that when I save changes, only the filtered data is exported back to TrafficGlobalDatabase.xlsx

    Any records hidden by the filtering during the save are lost.

    Now my TrafficGlobalDatabase.xlsx has only Ryanair at EGNX (the worst possible outcome...) and all the other plans are absent so subsequent recompiling results in a very small traffic bgl. Good thing I have a backup of the xlsx but I will have to adjust the traffic density settings again.

    Within the UI, sorting by multiple column headers seems to work: click on the first header (such as airline) then shift+click on the second (such as departure airport).

    If you modify and save flight plans it's essential that you do not filter the database but sort instead.

    Happy New Year!


  • Your problem stems from the fact you are creating a new database and not adding to it.