Can't start the engines

  • Hi,

    just bought the Avro for P3DV4.5 but somehow I can't start the engines.
    The spool up to 50% and go down to zero. Even if I press the fast start button in the upper left corner, same behavior (did a clean of the sim).

    Hope you can help me.
    Br Marc

  • I’m on Steam and I’ve been having issues with engine starts on numbers 1 and 4 for a few months now, can you start any of the engines?

  • JF Staff

    Please can you both confirm that you have downaload and installed the latest version of the Vulcan?

  • @Craig-Haskell yep, I uninstalled the last version and did a clean reinstall using the update for FSX:Steam last week. It always seems that the JPT winds down on the outboard engines - I’ve found that I can start them by pressing the relight buttons on the throttles but then it leaves the engine ignition buttons flashing like an eighties disco...