Some issues noted today...

    1. Virgin Atlantic A330. A livery is included for an A333GE for VAA. VAA's A333s are Rolls Royce powered. Their 332s are PW4000 powered, but it seems TG doesn't include this variant, nor does it have any 332s in VAA livery.

    2. There are no A350-1000s in the aircraft library. Models exist (CamSim, FSPainter) so, there's no reason not to have the aircraft.

    3. Every single aircraft has a 6000 mile range, yet needs only a 1000ft runway. This is ridiculous, and means that schedules such as a Delta 717 flying from KTPA to EGLL get through without being picked up. Is a new, realistic, database in progress, or must I modify every aircraft type (and check every schedule) to make this more appropriate?

    4. It would be useful to know the origin of each model so that repaints can be sourced and applied efficiently.