Taxi and landing lights

  • Hello there.

    I've not used P3D for a long time, but in the last few days I decided to get back to it and do some flight with the FSLabs Airbus. I already had TG installed since release date and yesterday I installed the latest version and recompiled the traffic.

    I can't remember if it has always been like this, but I see that AI planes don't have taxi and landing lights illuminating the ground. All of them have the logo light on and wing lights turned on. Of course Dynamic Light is on in P3D. I can't remember if it is supposed to be like this or if it's a glitch on my side.

    In general I cannot see dynamic lighting applied to AI traffic.



  • JF Staff

    Lighting is being updated as part of the next update for the P3D version, so that may solve the issue for you.

  • That's great to hear Derek, thanks!

  • Hello,

    Yes we have now taxi and landing lights on TG AI fleet in addition to logo and wing lights at night. But why taxi and landing lights are switched on when the planes are parked at stands?

    In this snapshot you can see Dash 8 at parking stands. They're "static" as I set them here with My Traffic Interative tool but taxi and landing light are on. Propellers edge disc are also there but propellers are stopped.

    Dash8 parked at night