TacPack Update

  • Back on the 1st of the month, you promised an update on progress with the outstanding problems with the Hawk's weapons system.
    Is there any news, please?

  • JF Staff

    Hi Pete,
    As of last night, I think we have a fix for the TacPack issues in P3Dv4. Hopefully we'll have an update rolled out in the next day or two.

  • @Rich Thank you

  • JF Staff

    Please redownload the Hawk from your account and the TacPack should be fully operational.
    If you are having problems launching missiles, check that the tone volume is at an audible level and that the safety catches on the control stick are unlocked. If in any doubt, use the Weapons icon (bottom right) on the Icon Panel and this will set all system live.

  • @Rich Thank you, it's working now. Minor glitch in that you have to hold the pickle somewhat longer than 0.8 seconds for a missile launch, or the first rocket launch, but I can easily live with that.
    A last a working TacPack Hawk, and on my birthday too.