Max traffic?

  • I realise that, with the eventual update to scheduling, this exercise may now be pretty academic but I have been tinkering with a way to vastly decrease the number of flightplans that get chucked out during the compilation and hence increase traffic density across the board.
    The EA forum closed before I could complete testing but I have now got Traffic_Global_Airlines.bgl up to 25.4Mb by using a very quick and simple 'trick'.
    All without altering a single AFCAD.

  • Everyone is waiting for your (trick) solution...

  • @TigerTone

    I was really only messing around just to see if it was at all possible to significantly raise the level of traffic with minimum effort.
    I know that I'm not the only one to have thought of this, or something similar.
    I'd exhausted all the sources for revised AFCADs and really didn't fancy spending hours using ADE so, I artificially added spaces to every airport by editing the FSX_airports.dat in C:\Users\your username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\compiler\airportData (after making a backup of the original, of course).
    Using a macro in Notepad++, I added all the spaces at KORD to all the airports listed in the file and, for good measure, changed all the RAMP parking to GATE. and then ran the compiler as normal (leaving the 'rescan airports' UNticked). All in, it took about 15 minutes.
    There's sure to be other/better methods and this one could certainly be improved upon but, as a test, it certainly did generate a lot of traffic!

  • @Capt-Quirk said in Max traffic?:

    There's sure to be other/better methods

    ... but I can't think of one.

    When my run at modifying airports with ADE became oppressive I had considered making copies of one 1000-spot airport, each with new ICAO and lat & lon but I wasn't sure where to begin. In any case, my modding has reached a hiatus because I'm just not at all moved by P3d. I'm taking a holiday killing pirates in the X universe.

    What you've done is essentially the same thing from a different angle, at a lower level and with much more precision. The last bit of programming I did was on a Spectrum +2. Can you write a loop that calls what you've written, but alters the ICAO after a certain number of iterations? To determine how often to run the loop for each airport it could count instances of "can't find parking at [ICAO]". Something like that might do the entire error log in one go.

    What happens to the landing AI when it has no available parking spot? If it just disappears as in FS9 then your solution is perfect.


  • @dai-b
    Last bit of programming (if you can call it that) I did was a good few years ago too, Dai, in dBase II😋

    Before I thought of this wheeze, I had managed to boost the amount of traffic a fair bit just by downloading about every collection of AFCADs available, mashing them all together in a single directory and eliminatingi duplicates in an attempt to get maximum possible coverage. This also helped to get rid of some of the 'missing' airports.

    I also started by making a 'false' set of individual airports by basically duplicating an AFCAD with hundreds of spaces but, I just couldn't get it to work plus it was so tedious and time consuming!! That's really what led me to wonder if there wasn't an easier way to essentially do the same thing.

    It'd be just as simple to add 1,000 or 10,000 parking spots to all the airports in FSX_airports.dat.

    Like I said though, I was really only experimenting out of pure curiosity and the resulting traffic will overwhelm some airports, especially as TG currently has so many 'static' planes hogging the parking spots. Consequently, there's bound to be the odd plane silently popping out of existence after landing!

    I guess eventually, we may get to see the results of all the work on the scheduling in TG which will solve all the problems anyway!

  • One flaw in this you can possibly trick TG into compiling more flight plans without errors but cant make the sim load them, when you go into flight the last bit of the loading bar is loading traffic and will fill as many parking spot`s as it can, what it cannot use it will reject once the sim is running TG will not spawn more traffic from the plans that were not loaded it does not work like that as some AI programs do.