Light parameters

  • Will all aircraft have the correct light parameters on final release, I ask this as I want use custom lighting from SF/REBORN but will only work if the lighting parameters are present in the config.

  • JF Staff

    @Ray-Fry No plans to change that. What is wrong with the current ones?

  • They don't show in the config file I will have to see how SF/REBORN pro lights will work on that as simbol has said it needs them.

  • It works on T360 so should be ok and uses the P3Dv4 SDK.

  • JF Staff

    @Ray-Fry Ask 'em on Saturday. They are at the show.

  • JF Staff

  • Yes I have already dropped simbol a line on his forum, will not see him at the show have had a bad cold and cough all week, will not be driving down will have to give it a miss was hopping to touch base with you guys have a good show anyway.

  • Looks like I will be ditching TG and moving to AIG, Rich knows why after the weekend, hope you can finish TG this year for your customers.

  • Sounds ominous

  • @TigerTone
    Have to agree Ray's comment doesn't sound overly optimistic
    Any possibility of very briefly elaborating on that Ray?

  • JF Staff

    @Ray-Fry said in Light parameters:

    Looks like I will be ditching TG and moving to AIG, Rich knows why after the weekend, hope you can finish TG this year for your customers.

    He doesn't. I thought you weren't coming to the show? I kept an eye out for anyone asking at the stand and all I heard was positive feedback. Anyway, TG is finished to all intents and purposes. As we have said a few times, we'll be updating the traffic database etc, and there are a couple of small bugs, but the program itself is solid and the feedback is excellent. It was especially pleasing to hear all the praise from customers at the show. Main thing seems to be that they like the aircraft, the frame rate hit is negligible and the only negative (if you can call it that) is more small airlines and different aircraft.

  • Delayed due to other commitments again hopefully out before the end of the year. Funny shutting the forum down now.

  • @Derek
    So how about it Derek?....all the positive feedback and praise is fine...but can you confirm if this is in fact correct that the final release has again been delayed by other commitments until hopefully before the end of the year?
    Just to be clear....I'm not talking about updating the traffic database or correcting small bugs in the program...but the actual final release format


  • JF Staff


    I'm not entirely sure where all this has come from. I have no idea if Ray Fry was at our show at the weekend. If he was, he certainly didn't speak to Richard (or me), but, if he did, we were unaware of it and I apologise if anything we said could have been so badly put as to generate such a confusing situation. I certainly have no idea what these 'other commitments' might be. The Early Access forum has been archived as there seems little point in asking for suggestions on what shape a product should take when it is already finished and the feature list is finalised.

    I'm afraid all this 'after the weekend'/secret squirrel/dark forces/tap-tap/say no more/ulterior motives talk rather smacks of trolling TBH.

    What I can confirm is that the product has been in a 'final release format' for many months, but has overstayed its welcome in Early Access awaiting the bugs with liveries and aircraft models to be fixed along with the addition of night lighting. Those are all now complete. As I explained before in the Early Access forum, these relatively straightforward jobs took a lot longer than expected due to the external dev team that made the models closing down and leaving us with the merry job of finding developers willing to work on someone else's creations. However, that was done, albeit taking a lot longer than we would have liked, and it wasn't helped by our in-house dev team being on other projects and therefore unable to devote much time to helping with fixes that weren't planned to be part of their workload.
    So, no conspiracy theories, no AFCAD oddness, no doing other things, nothing happened 'at the weekend'; just time going against us. We have acquired an updated database and tested it in the XP version of Traffic Global. We will roll it out to the P3D version once testing is complete, but, in the meantime, the P3D program works well and, rest assured, it will be dropping its Early Access moniker pretty soon. That's clearly providing an opportunity for this misinformation so I will address that first thing tomorrow.

    I have always tried to be as candid and open with those asking questions as I possibly can and, if anyone had asked me over the weekend (without a tape recorder), about delays, 'other commitments' or anything else for that matter, I would have kept them entertained with a nice long rant about the aforementioned modellers. As it is, no-one mentioned it.

    I hope that serves to clear any confusion up.