Update news?

  • I've been looking forward to reinstalling the Vulcan and am awaiting the update - which I read has been ready for several months now, but has been delayed due to JF workload with new product production. Whilst I am really looking forward to the 747, 146 and Tornado F3, can I respectfully enquire as to approximately over what timescale can the Vulcan update can be expected to be made ready for public release?

  • I think there was a recent update in September (1.06?), but I've not had a chance to try it out since.

  • Thanks Steve, I'm downloading now!

  • Sorry to say it's uncontrollable on my PC using P3Dv4. I have a list of issues - which may be for me unfamilarity with the Vulcan - but support ticket sent. I thought the Autopilot had been fixed? Currently it doesn't even go to ready state.