Contrails and Cockpit Glass Reflections

  • Hello peoples.

    Love the Hawk.... especially nice in XP11.

    Couple of questions....

    1. Can the cockpit glass reflections be reduced or disabled ? At night it is virtually impossible to see out of the window !

    2. Why do the contrails show below 10 000 ft even at slow speed ?
      Can these effects be reduced or disabled ?

    Many thanks.

  • Contrails or wingtip vortices?

  • Got me there. I see the vortices when doing aerobatics, but they just look like standard contrials.

    Shouldn't be there are 400 feet and 200 kias.

    I think it's an issue in XP11.... a number of default stuff does it too.

    I'll find a plugin to adjust the values.

    And will I have to mess with the alpha channels to reduce the reflection strength ? Even Carenado give the option to disable them.