Re Duchess "Rotating Hole" Spinner Animation

  • Re: Spinner animation

    This strange spinner animation on the Duchess (with rotating prop holes) has never been changed or an alternate spinner animation offered, at least for P3Dv4, although I see from the video for the XPlane release of the Duchess that it was changed for XPlane. I suppose the animation is baked into the P3Dv4 exterior model.

    I've just been looking at the video for the recently released PA-38 Tomahawk for P3Dv4, which I was considering buying, and I see that the same strange "rotating prop hole" spinner animation has been used for that plane as well. This animation is so annoying, unrealistic, and and immersion breaking for me , that I will simply not purchase any planes using it, no matter how otherwise finely modeled the plane is.

    Please kindly ask the person doing the modelling for the spinners to desist from using that "rotating propeller hole" animation, or at least offer an alternate animation.

    Sorry for the rant and being so petulant, but I was actually looking forward to having the Tomahawk - until I saw that strange spinner animation.

    Oh well, not a total loss for Just Flight; I'll use my JF points for Aeroplane Heaven's Socata Rallye instead.